HOW TO: DIY gravel vacuum – Keep aquarium clean

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The DIY aquarium vacuum is a fantastic way to keep your aquarium clean. Its cheap and easy to do. Not to mention, effective. This works well on gravel, sand or bare bottom. Basically, any substrate.

There air many things you can build with just using a basic fish tank air pump, this is just one of many.

If you remember, we have also made decorations and filters with them.


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  1. Isnt it just easier to do a water change and gravel vac weekly at the same time. I mean thats what i do at least. Keeps the waste down. And i get my water change out of the way as well. Idk if its bad. But it seems to keep my aquarium nice and clean.

  2. My mind just got blown right now. You don't understand how helpful this is for a mom of little ones who has no time for anything and is setting up a huge tank for fish the kids got as gifts!! God bless you!!

  3. I’ve tried a few different types of bottles and tubes now. Seems like the water/pop bottle makes a circling cycle of water,air and debris nothing seems to move up to the sock.
    I took an old syphon tube and put a air stone and sock on it it never seems to pick up much

  4. I use your vac regularly now and it's great! It helps keep water healthier & reduces needed water changes.
    Kinda surprised you didn't show yourself using it. That would be helpful to people that might be skeptical.

  5. Old skimmers use to work this way too. Once a week you changed a wooden air stone and you were done! No overflow no expensive pumps. Plain and simple.



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