HOW TO: DIY Fish Food – make your own!

Video tutorial on how to make your own fish food.
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Tutorial on how to make your own fish food.

This is only a how to, the ingredients can be what ever you want them to be!


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  1. I am curious,when you make gelatin with water,did you use tap water or tank water? I am wondering if water needed to be treated to use in this recipe.Thank you.

  2. I feel a magic bullet blender would be awesome for this. Grind up the pellets first. I use ours to make our dubia food. Thanks for this diy. I'm working on researching diets and ideas for our kids aquarium friends

  3. Hey men good day i just subscribe in your channel and im dying to have a discus but unfortunately fish here in Philippines is a little bit expensive…. Specially discus… Make someday i can buy 2 or 4 is enough… Someday.. But anyways… I would just like to ask if, i can use liver instead of beef heart?… And by the way… I like frank and sorry about buddy…. And you have the coolest gallery…. Can't wait to the other fish you'll put in the other tanks

  4. That stick blender comes with a cup and blade insert. Grind up the dry pellets in there first and they will be pulverized to dust. Then add it to the ground up meat.



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