HOW TO: DIY CO2 system for aquarium plants TUTORIAL

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How to build a CO2 reactor for aquarium plants with a method using citric acid and baking soda.
Supplies: 2 bottles, Diffuser, check valve, U tube, Bubble counter, co2 bottle caps, co2 airline, needle valve, pressure gauge.

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  1. How would you do this now? Also, I was wondering if you make the C02 system I would think that you would not be able to shut it off when you shut the lights off.

  2. this set got several problems cuz plastic made
    just go on ebay an search for diy co2 kit and set search option to worldwide
    around 30 euro you will find a full set with electric switch, bubble counter and all the stuff and its made out of metal

  3. This is freaking awesome. Well done man. This just made me decide that having CO2 for my plants isn't too difficult after all and I'll give it a try. Thanks!

  4. As the last guy was saying, people are still watching. That is the best video about how to build your own co2 generator hands down! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with those of us on a bit of a tight budget to have amazing tanks!! You Rock, and I hope that you have an amazing day!!!✌️♥️🤘
    P.S. we have 12 tanks with fish, and plants but 17 total. So, you’re saving a life here🤪

  5. Hi there, Really helpful set of videos thank you. I purchased the diy co2 system off amazon. I also purchased the electronic solenoid so i can set up a timer with it. One issue i have is that the thumbscrew that comes with the DIY CO2 system is really hit and miss. I'll set it up for a number of bubbles in the bubble counter then ill check it an hour later the number of bubbles will be different. is it that the thumbscrew is broken or do i need some sort of pressure regulator? thanks in advance

  6. Hi, I installed this system 1 week ago. I tried to adjust the number of bubbles today, I opened the valve too much. After that, all the liquid in the citric acid bottle flowed into the carbonate bottle. Is there a way to prevent this?

  7. I just got this stuff, planning to use sugar and yeast. I dont have a bubble counter with it. If the gauge is green means its running well and just leave it as it is?



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