HOW TO: DIY CO2 for planted aquarium TUTORIAL

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I simple video on some of the basics to build a DIY co2 system for your planted aquarium.
While im no plant pro, this system certainly has made a huge improvement on the tanks i use it on, VS the tanks i dont have it on. So i can say that it certainly does work.

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  1. Can you have an aquarium that doesn't use external CO2, but have a good balance of fish and plants, and both be healthy and survive? Or do all tanks need CO2?

  2. Hello there! Big fan of u sir! Just a bit confused here..

    Is that 1cup of water + 1cup of sugar + yeast on it is to be diluted to a liter of water? Or do i need to make 4cups (250ml) of the mixture to have 1liter?

    And is that (tsp) a teaspoon? Not table spoon?

    Thig might sound ridiculous , but jyst wanted some clarification 🙂 thank you! More power!

  3. 1 million views…. Must be good. I think I'm going to try this with larger bottles though. Looks like the CO2 system foiled your show. Doesn't really matter though. The principals hold true regardless, and learning how best to diffuse bubbles is what I'll be testing out. BTW never CO2'd a tank before. challenge accepted though.

  4. i have aquestion, i have 4 planted small mini tanks, and i wil use your system, only where do i put the check valve?, i have now 1 check valve, do i need 4?
    also i have a metal splitter with 3 ways out (+tap taps) to use : to my other 3 mini planted tanks. (3 are same gallon, 1 is bigger gallon,
    please can you help me where i put the check valve(s),
    and where put the splitter 3 way out, with tap taps,
    thank you..

  5. Omg I built one and it was working amazingly. But today I came home to it tipped over. I don't know how in the world this happened. But none the less half a two liter bottle of sugar and yeast is in my aquarium. I did a water change but it is not coming out. My fish seem fine but I'm freaking out.

  6. White vinegar and baking soda produces 100% pure CO2, in a drip system can last 2 weeks, cost pennies and piped into a power head..Use to do it for all my planted tanks…control amount of co2 by dripping vinegar 1 drop every 30 seconds onto baking soda.

  7. I have an idea…
    Grab a bottle of briosci. When u drop the small chunks into the water they fizz and release co2 gas. I'm going to try it.

    It's Italian. So it should work.

  8. Can you release the CO2 into the intake of your canister filter? The CO2 would travel into you filter and be very well dispersed into the water. Would the CO2 harm the bacteria in the filter?

  9. you use bottles for water is bad you loose co2 (this pet (plastic) don't keep the co2 inside the bottle)
    you will use coca/sprite/pepsi… bottles whose keep the gaz inside and have a better resistance for the pressure (the gaz bottles resist normaly at 6 bars minimum and keep the co2 inside )

  10. Hey Joey, as always great information. I do have a few questions though. 1. could you just attach an small air stone to the line instead of building the Co2 diffuser? 2. Can you also attach the Co2 line to an air pump line and have both flow into the tank at once?

  11. I'm doing this with 2 575ml bottles, my yeast sugar mixture is fine since I can see many bubbles popping up in the 2nd bottle but my problem is that the CO2 is not flowing through the tube into my aquarium, I let it sit for an hour now and it's still not popping up in my aquarium.. I don't have an inline valve thing, just a tube straight to an air stone from the 2nd bottle.. Why is this not working? Do I need the inline valve? Do I just need to wait for more pressure to build up? I don't think there is a leak in the 2nd bottle because when I squeeze it the air DOES go through the line into the tank.. Help!

  12. I know a fella that exhales through a straw for 10 minutes a day on his 90 gallon tank and his plants exploded in growth. He did it as a test as he said we exhale co2. He swears by it. It may be something I will try just to see. Great vid for the small tanks.



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