HOW TO: DIY Canister Filter TUTORIAL

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How to build a DIY canister filter for aquarium. A tutorial with step by step instructions

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The DIY canister filter.

PVC connector : CARLON Item #3623-662 Model #LQTCS-050
PVC pipe
PVC female threaded adapter
PVC cap
PVC male twist cap
PVC cement


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  1. Try placing the "screen in before you place the bulkhead fittings in. Or at least before you cap off the bottom. Then you don't have to push it all the way down the pipe and take the chance of the screen material not staying in place. Also, you could easily add oxygen to the tube before it enters the filter a simple airstone or other such device that pushes air into the water that enters the filter.

  2. I've been watching these canister tutorials on YouTube and your video is by far the best. I'm interested in watching your canister tutorial with the water heater…please

  3. I'm thinking of making something like this for a 100 gal cichlid tank but can you split it in say 3 or 4 different sections any feed back from the king would help greatly my email is isreynen@gmail again love your channel so much to learn also have to clean the hard water stains and reseal the tank so it's going to be a ground up job thank you for any tips or thoughts

  4. Joey, you're probably busy but I have 2 questions. Would a 4 for long piece of 6" pvc be too heavy for a 75 gallon tank and 2, where do In buy your book.

  5. This awesome….I have two red sliders and my babies need a really good filter. The one I have works well. But I need a better filtration system 💖 Thank you soooooo much. Great Job 👍😇💖

  6. Hey…i just had a thought…would it increase the efficiency if you put an air inlet next to the water inlet in the end cap….then you could run an air stone just inside the end cap and control how oxygenated the canister is by the size air pump you hook up to it? I'm def no expert but just thinking, at that point you'd be forcing water and air to compete for the same space so you could probably run a smaller cheaper pump and still run a lot more efficient I think.

  7. I don"t know why but this video in particular I just see Adam Sandler the whole time… and you never remind me of him!!! I think it's just a weird coincidence of the acoustics of that room and that camera angle….maybe???



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