HOW TO: DIY aquarium Water Changer/Gravel Vaccum

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A very simply, easy and cheap way to do your water changes. A Garden hose, an empty water bottle, and


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  1. Anyone care to answer, my kitchen sink is at a bit of a higher level than my fish tank through the wall in the living room and was going to pass the hose through the window in the kitchen and into the window in the living room and into the tank, will the siphon flow work in this case? distance from tank to kitchen sink is approx 5 to 6 meters.

  2. I'm confused. I'm new to the hobby. I'm trying to figure something out. You're supposed to add water conditioners to the water before it goes into the tank. Right? So how can I do this without harming my Fish? Wouldn't it be safer to declorinate the water first? Is it possible to declorinate during this process?

  3. Thanks. I grew up using that BlueMagic Fill Drain unit for years on my waterbed and never even thought about it being the same thing that they are selling now for $$$ as a special aquarium kit. Your videos are making it much easier for me to take care of my wife's aquarium. Thank You.

  4. its a clever and nice system, and I thank The King for sharing his knowledge with us. But I myself wouldn't recommend this system because it wastes a lot of clean water to pump a little amount of used water out. it's a little irresponsible use of clean/drinking water.

  5. Great video. I'm curious how you check the water "fill" temp if you have to take off the adapter to feel the water. We have several of the waterbed adapters. Have never used one in the 35 plus years we've had waterbeds. Glad I kept them!



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