HOW TO: DIY aquarium Spray Bar for filters

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Tutorial on how to make a spray bar for your aquariums filtrations return.


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  1. I've built many of these over the years as a live well on my boats. I have several suggestions. First don't put a ninety fitting on one end. Instead use a tee with a threaded center outlet. You can screw a hose barb fitting into that for the tubing to fit on. Next extend the tee out a couple of inches with pipe and then add a cap on that end. Now you can fit the bar tightly without the hose being pressed up against the end of the tank. Instead of holes I use a hack saw to cut slits in the spray bar. Start with about a quarter of the slits you think you'll need. Place the bar in position and turn on the pump. You'll see the flow and should be able to decide if you have enough flow to be able to cut additional slits and the water still spray out of the bar. I use slits as they seem to not stop up as quickly as small holes. You want enough slits to allow flow without backpressure on your pump but enough resistance that the water still sprays out under pressure.

  2. I have a question for anyone. I am moving my red ear slider in a 55 gallon tank. And wanted to know if I can use patio blocks to have my turtle get uo to climb on his dock to bask. I saw on a video that you should have your rocks checked to see me if they have a chemical on them and it could kill a turtle or fish.



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