HOW TO: DIY Aquarium Skimmer

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How to build a diy aquarium skimmer.

A very simple, easy and cheap aquarium skimmer that will both skim your water and polish it. This is not a saltwater or marine protein skimmer.


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  1. Thanks for this idea, its great. I was using this but was having water gurgling issues. Now i have made a small black over flow box little bigger then this connected to my canister filter intake.. And life is much easier for Top Off and shiny surface. 10 gallon nano reef.

  2. This is exactly my current issue at home. I have a 75 gallon with two fluvals and none of them can collect what’s floating in the surface .. I like this homemade option. Is there anything else you’d suggest in 2020?

  3. seeing how you have gone from video to veideo in terms of quality and knowledge, I can honestly say you are by far the best person to follow to learn about and fish

  4. Excellent video, solves one of my major questions on removing floating debris. I looked on Amazon and did not find the one you used … what model is that?

  5. Hey… You are videos are awesome. Wanted to know if oxygen from air stone is a must for a planted tank or canister filter is sufficient enough for the fishes. I am currently running eheim 2215. Basically I want the water to be calm and smooth.

  6. Easier surface skimmer, buy a powerhead with filter attached. Turn it upside down, there u go, surface skimmer haha this did the trick for me

  7. Thanks for the inspiration with your videos. This one lead me to design my own air stone-driven version utilizing minimal materials and an air pump I already had.

    1 ft of 2" PVC
    2" PVC end cap
    Approx 1.5 ft of 3/4" PVC
    3/4" PVC tee
    3/4" PVC end cap
    Air stone that will fit inside the 3/4" PVC

  8. Where do you get that water power jet from and what make and model is it??
    I would love to build one but I don't know what type or model you are using in the video I am new to this kind of thing and if someone could please share a link to where to buy this water jet from that would be awesome and id be very grateful for your help!..

  9. I interest with you…but can you make a microbubble from pipe?you are is the king of DIY….can you give me or man in the world how make a microbubble from pipe?and you tutorial in youtube….and i subscribe you sir…

  10. hey joey, i want my aquarium look natural and simple but my problem is how i can make my internal 15 watts power head submersible filter installed just like other external filtration, hope you can make a demonstration video for it. thanks



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