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The aquarium reactor is a highly useful piece of equipment in the aquarium hobby. This is how to build one!!

There are many types of reactors, including; carbon reactors, phosphate reactors, bio-pellet reactors, nitrate reactors, GFO reactors, calcium reactors and many more.

1/2″ CPVC (about a foot)
(3) 1/2″ CPVC couplings
1/2″ end CPVC cap
A glass pasta holder(use what you can find/need)
Knitting mesh
30PPI sponge
micro bulk heads : (CARLON Item #3623-662 Model #LQTCS-050)


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  1. This is what made him popular and got me into the hobby. Too bad he cannot do these diy stuff anymore cause hes into more expensive and serious stuff now

  2. hi.. this is JIN. I'm rellay interested in your DIY thing..!! UR the KING.!!
    i have few questions about the "Aquarium reactor" and "Sand filter(fludised filter) posted on Feb, 8th 2015"
    what is the difference between two?
    i feel those two look similar.
    which one is better for 50G tank?
    if you have any idea or recommend the post of your video. plz let me know..!1

  3. Is it possible to miniaturize this to use with a 5 gal nano planted aquarium? I'm having issues with my glass bell diffusers clogging or simply not producing a fine enough bubble to defuse into the water before it breaks the surface. I did try to attach my CO2 line out of my DIY reactor into my outline for my filter return, and… it 'sorta' works but again, I'm seeing too many bubbles going right on up to the surface just outside of the filter return. I have a Fluval V with a modified filter system to cope with some of the 'fun' issues with the tanks design.

  4. I still do not understand the usenof this. No co2 so only water runing to me this is like a small version of a cannister filter



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