HOW TO: DIY Aquarium Plants

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A quick, simply and effective way to create your own aquarium plants while saving a ton of money!

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  1. Would it not be better to wait a week or two, or even wait a week and then put the concrete plug into a pail of water for a week and THEN add it to the tank? Might save PH problems.

  2. i have like 100 of those fake plants laying around my house didnt even know i could use these..i brought one little pice of leaf for doller when i could buy this

  3. once plastic plants are in for a while..what do you recommend for cleaning? MANY people suggest using bleach and vinegar etc.. but I dont think this is wise…Any advice?  THANKS AGAIN~

  4. Vinyl is an acceptable alternative to silk or plastic. Plastics and the dyes used in some silk plants can leach toxins into your aquarium. You can use aquarium silicone and aquarium gravel to make a base. Coat the bottom of the plant in the silicone, roll it in the gravel, allow to dry, and repeat to desired effect. You could also attach the plants to driftwood, rock, or other decorations. Clear fishing line can be used to tie/sew plants in place for wrapping ornaments.

  5. Hi i have been enjoying your videos alot, i am in the uk so cant get hold of any quickcrete, i dont suppose u know of any cerment that i could get hold of in the uk that is safe to use?



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