HOW TO: DIY Aquarium Overflow PVC TUTORIAL

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Video shows a step by step process on the PVC pieces need to construct a DIY overflow. Also shown is how to put it together, and how to get it running!!
Be sure to also watch the sequel to this video to find out how it works, expected cost and gallons per hour these can handle depending on pipe size, as well as why you would use one.

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Have an issue? cant get it to work? HERE IS THE FIX: I have been answering questions on this project for years now.. and no longer will. Its the same answer again and again… the #1 answer that solves 99% of all issues is this: PAY ATTENTION TO THE VIDEO. 99% simply do not follow the instructions or build it the same way, yet expect it to still work. The other 1% have an air leak somewhere. Find it. Seal it. Sorry, but i simply do not have the time to keep answering the same questions, when they all result with this same solution. IF YOU MUST get help, POST A PHOTO to my fan page so i can at least SEE what the problem is. I will not be able to help otherwise.

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How it all works ►
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  1. I built mine, but after a few days of soaking in water, it still smells like the purple PVC cleaning liquid you put on before you put the PVC cement glue. How long will it take before I can use it? I am guessing if I can smell it, it is not cured?



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