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In todays video I show you how to build a project that will combine a heater guard with a heat distributer.

A lot of the times protecting your fish from your aquarium heater is over looked. Or even simply protecting your aquarium heater from impact.

While we also tend to have to find creative ways to distribute the heated water evenly in your aquarium so there are no hot spots or cold spots. We typically do this with pumps, air stones, out put of the filter, or use of powerheads. A lot of the time we need to also consider the positioning and angle of the heater.

So coming up with something that will not only elliminate those issues while making your heater far more effiecient will be an extremely useful project.

Now there are two types of the most common fish tank heaters. fully Submersible, and semi submersible. We will cover a way to make this project work for both.

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  1. I felt so bad looking at my goldgish cornered in the only spot where its not too cold and here i am at 4:55 am watching videos like these ty for doing this now my fish wont feel like they lived in a freezer for about half a month im surprised their still alive freezing all night

  2. I started with 8 Frontosa and 6 yelliw labs 3 years ago, few days ago my water heaters quit working (in my Sump, my tank is 150 gallon freshwater, and 30 gallon sump, learned everything from your youtube channed, built my own water over flow, PVC one and built my own filter system in my sump) and my 1 frontosa and 40 yellow labs died as water was cold in my aquarium in basement in my tank, it cooled down over night, by the time I came to know, it was too late.
    How would I make sure this does not happen in future, my fish tank is in basement. I had 2 heaters in my sump, they both quit working and I did not realize.
    Please guide.

  3. i love your videos man. i recently got a 10 gallon aquarium in a couple of months i will upgrade i have 2 angels in there and 3 dwarf gouramis and a couple of tetras i was wondering how a betta would do with them? and i am going to try to get a 125 gallon aquarium and what predator fish would do good in there i was going to get a silver arowana but i amagine theyd get way to big? sorry for the long story and questions lol but i would love an answer thanks man:).

  4. I think you could also use a large diameter PVC pipe and fill it with media around the heater, that way you also get biological filtration. Or would the heater so close to the bacteria cause problems for the bacteria?

  5. I have been thoroughly enjoying your videos. I have a 30 gallon tank and its been a lot of fun, I built the bucket canister filter, undergravel jet, and have used many of your suggestions. My next step is the inline heater. One thing I never see mentioned or talked about anywhere is protecting your aquariums for the potentially lethal 110 to 220V we are constantly dropping into our tanks of water. An aquarium heater is nothing more than a toaster in a glass bubble. We all know what happens if we drop a toaster in the bath. Broken glass on the heater could be a great danger to anyone touching the tank. I use a simple GFCI adapter to protect myself and my fish. Do you do anything?

  6. can fish recover from heater burn? example ..parrot fish got stuck in between a badly positioned heater received a one inch burn seemed to recover and two months later died. would the scales have grown back sufficiently enough to protect the fish?

  7. Joey what power head do you use? I see it in a lot of your videos but can't find it at any store… By the way fellow Canadian here And much appreciate your videos as cost and availability of products are spot on with what I can get in my area.

  8. Hi Joey, I got a question about heaters for my tanks. so as of right now I have 2 heaters running in my 100 gallon tank. because when setting it up it was around winter time, and I feared the temp would drop low. Anyways, I still maintain that fear now, and I want to drop it down to 1 heater, a Ehiem Jager 300watt, but i fear the tank would evenly heated due to the tank being 6ft long.

    Inside the tank I have a canister filter, intake is near where heater is located. and output is aimmed towards the other end. Right now, I have pumps going crazy to make water movement, but I want to take them down, and use a internal canister filter instead for water movement and cleanse the water( due to high electricity bills :*( – ) Anyways can you please do a video, or give me on a tip to how to make water evenly distributed, or how to make my electricity bill go down? I have 2 tanks on going, and need to set up a 3rd one since I have 3 male flowerhorns. Please Help.. Thank you.

  9. ok i need help i have a 90 litter tank and i am buying this 4ft bowed fish tank of some on online its the tank only no lid or stand what would i need to buy to set this new tank up

  10. Hi Joe, i'm your biggest fun here at Asia.. i always watch your video, and it give me an inspiration and idea to my aquarium.. this is my first time to have a big old aquarium came from my dad.. and it is my first time to have a pet..

    My question is just simply, can i combine this your DIY HEATER PROJECT to your OVERHEAD, AQUARIUM SUMP FILTER?? Its came to my idea that. That the water came into the heater then its gonna past through and the water it come back to the aquarium.. i hope you and other can understand.. i'm just excited, others can comment.. thanks god bless you, and more power, and i hope that you can inspire more people like me..

  11. I'm not keen on the second version – if the water level should drop below the opening at the top, the pump will pull the water out of that tube, causing the tank water to not be heated, etc.  Hopefully the heater should cut off and not overheat.
    Normally it should be OK if you keep an eye on it during normal maintenance, but I think the first version is better.

  12. is the pump actually necessary? Because as the water in the pvc is heated the water will expand and rise to the top do to the increased energy, and then exit the pvc through the top, then causing a current to be created drawing cold water in through the bottom.

  13. Hi Joey,  I'm really enjoying to watch your DIY videos, I tried some of them in my small aquarium and really works well for me. thank you!!  My question how is it essential to have heater in the aquarium. I live in tropical country most of the time is hot and humid as we have only two seasons here, wet & dry season just like one of your filtration method uhh.  I know that in your place had 4seasons esp during winter you really need heaters.  Do we still really need heaters in such environment like us?  Thanks for reading…

  14. What are you doing for temperature control?  I don't see you using a reefmaster or the like.  Have you considered using something like an STC-1000.  These are inexpensive, probes seem to be submersible, and are cheap off of e-bay.  I use one to control a Keezer and it cost me all of $20 to build it!

  15. Hey, nice video! I did a similar thing with mine, but I used the intake of my external filter by cutting the intake pipe down and sealing it to the top of the PVC, then sealed the original intake strainer to the bottom of the PVC pipe. I even siliconed on a clear PVC window so I could see the digital display on the heater. (a great way to overcome the 'Low Flow' warning on Fluval E series heaters)  🙂



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