HOW TO: DIY aquarium filter – THE OFFICE TANK BUILD!!

How I built my DIY aquarium filter for my office aquarium.
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  1. I have a ten gallon tank that I did this too and ran it with a protein skimmer when I had saltwater fish and it was my healthiest tank I had. Now I’m using it for a planted freshwater tank and a cheap pump instead of the protein skimmer but with it packed full of hydroponic red lava rock. It’s a super easy tank to take care of either way.

  2. Awesome configuration! What do you think about the same filtration system in the other side too? I mean, two filters due to the tank length? Our do you prefer your wave maker? My tank will be 52in long. Thank so much

  3. Your vids are the best!! Just curious- why did you make slits for the intake vs holes like you did last time? I think you also did a filter build where you had just a large sponge filter instead of the acrylic. Is there a benefit to using one over the other?

  4. I’m not sure if he mentioned it in the video, but you need to make sure that your output is higher than your input so that water can’t flow back into the pump compartment before being filtered.

  5. Question…. What ever happened to Subsand Filters?
    When I was into freshwater tanks 50 yrs ago, the Subsand Filters were the hottest thing going. It had some problems with rotten debris collecting underneath it. But some were working on reversing the flow through the risers so it would flow up through the sand to eliminate the dirt under the filter and kept it suspended so the box filter could pick it up.
    I thought it was a good idea and wonder why it isn't used that much anymore.
    If you had a large filter system under the tank, the return line could go to the risers of a Subsand filter.
    There was a problem with that as well, too much water pressure under the filter would blow the sand up off the bottom. So regulate the right flow to avoid that and the excess go to create a current in the tank, like a powerhead would.
    I have always thought that if you could keep the sand or gravel clean, you wouldn't have to do as many water changes. I mean lakes and ponds around here don't get water changes, other than rain and they stay healthy. So enough of the right filters should eliminate water changes or put them to a minimal.

  6. Hey Joey 👋 am new to the hobby about a year now and have 3 tanks. Since I started my hobby i been watching your videos and I have to say am a fan and thank you for all those helpful videos.

    Am trying to move from sponge filters to a sump on my 55g tank of cichlids
    Would a 5 or 10 gallon tank be ideal to make it into a sump for the 55?I need help I don't want to fail
    Hope to hear from you soon

  7. I like this type of filter. What about if I have a glass aquarium and want to build an all in one filtration out of acrylic. Is it a bad idea to silicone acrylic material to glass?



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