HOW TO: DIY aquarium filter media

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Aquarium filtration media can be expensive. VERY expensive.
So here are my top favourite alternate aquarium filtration media that will not only save you a ton of money, but also not be any less effective!

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  1. Anyone using in a reef tank ? Lot's of posts on forums saying not to for some reason they can't remember or they read it somewhere but don't know where. LOL

  2. Man… I have lava rock in my biological filter and it keeps putting off dirt and soot. No matter how much I clean it. I have to keep changing the water. Anyone else struggle with this water cloudiness when it comes to lava rock.

  3. How about a video showing how to keep some extra oem cycled (cartridge, bio bags, etc) filter media ready-to-go in a small spare aquarium? or why I should NOT do so?

  4. Lava rock is my go to substrate for trickle filters.
    And makes a great bulk for under your substrate/ gravel so you need less of expensive substrate like Flourite / Eco-Complete to make those hills and valleys..

  5. Starting a 75g right now! Tons of info on the web about filter media and until now wasn't sure what to use. Thanks for the direction. Breakin lava rocks now!!!. Your videos ROCK.

  6. Wow thanks so much for the info i was just about to set up for the first time a canister filter for a 50 gallon turtle tank and you gave me a lot of great options. Thank you

  7. The king of DIY you are awesome. I followed many of your videos. I built a DIY cascade filter for my aquarium that works perfect. I was moving some bio-media form a old filter to this new one and notice that my bio filter media was wearing out after 8 months



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