HOW TO: DIY Aquarium Filter (internal filtration)

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The DIY aquarium power filter has many possibilities and uses. There are many ways to build this and many different options. This video should serve the purpose to inspire and to get you thinking!


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  1. I have a bare bottom tank so I turn mine upside down. I don't have to remove the maxi jet. Just the filter floss part. The flow from the maxi jet pushes all the debris to the other side of the aquarium for easy removal.

  2. Wow it looks so simple to do, and change and clean, I have had so many issues do to filter, the worst was 15 gallons of water on the floor…
    Im gonna try this 

  3. This is the easiest, and probably cheapest, diy filter tutorial yet! I was about to make a trickle tower (based on one of your videos too) but since I only have a 15gal tank, this should do just right for me. Thanks!

  4. hey joey can u give me the update on how to make salt water for salt water aquarium and it is necessary to mix sea water in salt water aquarium ?????

  5. can you give me any hints in operating a 3 gallon glofish tank im having trouble with the cycling its been in operation since april 1st i know the nitrate and ammonia have to go up to cycle the tank but then i got ich and had to remove the filter the aquarium then was crystal clear and when i added the filter again it clouded up worse and because of the stress to my fish i had to do about a 75 % water change over a period of a couple hours is there anything i can do to help the cycling along and help my fish i have 7 tanks but in my tanks i used substrate that already had beneficial baceria on it well this one i didnt and just used regualr gravel from walmart so it having to completely cycle and its about to really hurt my fish

  6. I like your videos and they are quite informative; however, I do wish that some could have used more illustration during or after each step. I have a limited imagination, and my diy skills are slim to none. But, I do like and appreciate knowledge you share in your videos! 🙂

  7. I have a 55 gallon fish tank. As of now, I have three pumps. Two maxi-jet 400's and one Aqua culture 20-60 gal double outlet aquarium air pump. I'm thinking it's an over kill. However, in the mean time, since I have three pumps and no filter, and no fish yet, I was wondering if I could use the two maxi-jet 400 multi-use water pump/power heads for this diy filtration system? I was wondering if I could use a bottle on each side of the tank, if that would filter it well enough.

  8. Thank you so much for this! Can you show a link to the exact power head you used? I'm thinking of using this to make something for my 55 gallon goldfish tank. Could you do this using 2 gallon soda bottles for more filtration? Thanks so much!



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