HOW TO: DIY aquarium emergency tank – floating nursery TUTORIAL

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Today’s video is a must have for any aquarist. Unfortunately, not many people do it in the first place, so hopefully this will provide another option.

Sponge filter video:


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  1. Wouldn't having holes in a aclimation tank be a bad thing? Might as well throw them strait into the tank at that rate, cause thats exactly what you just did

  2. Just in curiosity I have a bunch of 5 gallon buckets that I got for around $1-5 I was wondering if I could use them for a temporary quarantine/acclimation tank?

  3. When you are done you put everything inside and close the lid (at 2:47) but tell the folks NOT
    to put the sponge filter in it and let it dry. Keep that filter in a canister filter or sump.

  4. Wow Joey, that was most excellent!! The floating "spare tank" is an AWESOME idea!! No extras, heaters or filters needed, what a perfect solution to a pesky problem.

    Thanks for sharing!! Good luck with your book, as well. Take good care :0)~

  5. So simply and so cheap! This is genius! My wife won't give me a hard time anymore; cheap portable and storeable hospital tank; freaking genius!

  6. Hey Joey, would you please make a video showing how to build a stand for bow front and cynlindrical aquariums. I have a project in the future to build a bow front corner tank and don't know how to build stand for that type of aquarium.

  7. Love it Joey ! !
     – – – –
    Make sure you wash all new surfaces to remove "mold release agents" used in fabrication. Including the noodle.
    It's best to have these well in advance. If there is a strong "plastic odor" then the plastic is not completely cured…. When plastic is fabricated a "vehicle" is used to make the plastic flow into the mold easily. Frequently alcohol. After it comes out of the mold the "vehicle" takes a while to evaporate. Let the plastic cure to avoid the "vehicle" leaching into your fish's water. 🙂

  8. Can I just use a 5 gallon bucket (Since I use your DIY waterchanger now) and pop on a low power filter with some cycled media if I want to quarantine some snails?

  9. Hey Joey, so I just got another turtle, and he's only a hatchling, I put him in the tank with my almost adult yellow belly slider, he's about 4 or 5 inches, and he started to eat the baby turtles shell! What should I do? (I have the baby in a 5 gallon bucket for now.

  10. Simple and cheap! I like your water bottle filter for my little quarantine tank too. I just throw some bio balls in there from my sump with some filter floss.



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