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An aquarium divider can come in handy. In this video i show you how i built mine and why i needed to.

Where i got the mesh netting:

The big fish move:

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  1. I'm using Super High Density Grey Matala Filter Media for a divider in my 50 gallon tank check to see if i videoed it yet 😌 thanks Joey love all your vids & fish 🐟 I'm happy your cuts healed well!!

  2. What do you think about using a permanent divider using your build? I wanted to have a fresh water turtle in the same tank as an albino frog. There are some gold fish that would be kept with the frog. I have a 75 gallon tank.

  3. I used an eggcrate light defuser as a divider, I simply place the defuser between the heater U holder.. it helps me siphon the bottom of my breeder Tank with out getting attack by the Parents of the Fry and avoiding injury,

  4. Thought leopoldi were super delicate, good to know she survived this aggresive advance from you male. I am super nervous thinking about when I get my first one being I have read they easily get stressed out. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

  5. Hey can you please talk about RB Piranhas. Just care, tank cleaning, possible tank mates, cleaners, cleaning devices… Etc.

    Mine are massive already after 6 months because I feed them Cow liver.

    Btw. This divider would not work with them. They'll cut right through it.


  6. When my discus were spawning I had to make a divider to separate them from the rest of the tank occupants. So I used some wire coat hangers out of desperation and covered them with tulle netting and made the same sort of shape as you did. However the babies used to get through the sides somehow and another female would surrogate mother them on the other side and then they would slip back through to the parents. Managed to raise them all this way.

  7. Everyone who wants to know what happened to joeys arm read more
    He has a facebook page its called uarujoey theres more info on his facebook but im giving you the short answer

    He was carrying some glass he slipped or somthing he almost chopped off his index finger

  8. GREAT stuff Joey! I was just needing an aquarium divider, and wondering when you were gonna put out another video so this one was PERFECT. Was wondering if we could just get a simple update on what happened to your Discus..? Idk if that has already been addressed or not. Thanks again for everything! You truly are The King.

  9. I just have plexiglass with holes drilled in it. The water flow is crud and it's annoying to modify. Mesh it is. Thanks again… Relevance of your videos is starting to creep me out though. Wonder if you'll ever post one I don't need to watch.

  10. Just thought I'd let you know that I came across your videos about three days ago while looking at canister filters. Obviously I found the DIY canister filter video, and started from there,,, In the past 3 days I have watched every single one of your videos! Thanks so much, you have saved me so much money!



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