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This video is in responce to my DIY aquarium background video…

This is how i build a 3d aquarium background.

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  1. what are your thoughts on acrylic fortifier with hydraulic cement to cover dense foam board, attempting my first one now and was thinking of fortifying the last coat

  2. I know how you like a bare bottom tank. I use a similar variation. Ceramic floor tiles. They make them in wood grain and many different colors cheap and easy to clean cut to fit with an angle grinder and masonry disc. Thought you might like to play with the idea.

  3. Wow, fiberglass! What if you had just used the polystyrene spray, siliconed into place, so it doesn't float up? Do you think such a background would last long in a freshwater planted tank?

  4. Joey , love your work an your videos , here in New Zealand we dont get the same brands of paint , iv made a few from grout an find it comes of , what sort of paint do you use eg acrylic paint,??????
    keep up your good work bud you give me lots of ideas

  5. Nice work & description, but your links overlap a lot of the text making it impossible to read.
    Consider moving the links to the bottom and the text to the top, less overlap = easier reading.



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