HOW TO: DIY algae scrubber – No more nitrates

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In this video, i show you how to build a do it yourself algae scrubber. This will be beneficial to your aquarium in that it will eliminate high nitrates and phosphates. In turn, giving your fish better water and combating algae in the main aquarium.


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  1. Hi, I'm going to build one of these and wondered if you could use a cheap RGB LED strip light from eBay to light it and grow the algae? Like the ones you can buy to go inside your tank. They're normally available in either white, white and blue or RGB colours and I thought the RGB version would be best. They're so much cheaper than the LED's you use in you upgraded algae scrubber.

  2. Thank u joey u r awesome . What im thinking of doing in my aquaryum is diguise it eith pomess stona and growing plants . And i wanted to ask u or anyone who knows if it b a good idea to put an led inside a pvc canester system with a mesh and make it an inline type deal ?

  3. So I have micro little bubbles all over my substrate and java moss and other plants there are so many my moss has floated to the top. What are these little clear/white micro bubbles? What can I do?

  4. Not only are CFL and some LED's (Depending on how they are manufactured) low wattage, but normal incandescent, halogen lights etc have little to no usable light to plants, thus, photosynthesis cannot run its course properly.

  5. this seems to be a strange theory that I don't believe works: how can the promotion of angea growth in one part of your tank reduce the amount that grows in the rest? 2ndly: angea floats in small quantities we cannot see with our natural eyes; so this strong growing area is promoting as it "flakes" off into the water.

  6. could you do a video of a waterfall algae scrubber? I've been working on one but can't seem to get the water to flow over the screen in a consistent sheet. Thank you videos are awesome! keep up the good work.

  7. awesome videos! I just binge watched a ton of them.. you do a great job making the demo's and its awesome how you always do it as cheap as possible. thanks!

  8. hi Joey…I have my close to the window, lot of sun light go in, if I close the blind so the room wil get too dark. is this algae scrubber would help?

  9. I read 20-25 pages on reef central on ATS. Came here and see that this is by far the best way to go without messing with my plumbing. Thanks!



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