HOW TO: DIY $1 aquarium heater and dehumidifier – CHEAP

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This is video on how to build an emergency aquarium heater that can double as a dehumidifier when not in use.

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  1. this will be so helpful because i only have some ramshorn snails and no fish or anyhting so i don't really NEED something to warm the water for them but i hard the ideal temeperature is a bit higher and in good conditions they'll grow faster so this will be really helpful thanks for making this video!

  2. Aahh struck. Sic science. Just found this video as a referral watching Rachel O'Leary's weekly tip regarding water temperature. Must say, never even considered this option. Calcium Chlorid it is. Dehumidify it will..

  3. I started with 8 Frontosa and 6 yelliw labs 3 years ago, few days ago my water heaters quit working (in my Sump, my tank is 150 gallon freshwater, and 30 gallon sump, learned everything from your youtube channed, built my own water over flow, PVC one and built my own filter system in my sump) and my 1 frontosa and 40 yellow labs died as water was cold in my aquarium in basement in my tank, it cooled down over night, by the time I came to know, it was too late.
    How would I make sure this does not happen in future, my fish tank is in basement. I had 2 heaters in my sump, they both quit working and I did not realize.
    Please guide.

  4. Would this work with a 2.5 gallon tank? My parents like the house at 68degrees Fahrenheit, and my betta didn't have anything but a filter.



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