HOW TO: Crystal clear aquarium water changes

Having crystal clear aquarium water might start with the water you put into the aquarium during a water change. In today’s video, we cover a project that will insure the water you are putting in your aquarium is as clean and clear as it can be.

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  1. Just put a sock inside your syphon and place that in a corner of your tank holded by some decoration..That is what i do…and works perfectly..
    Sometimes i just put the socks over a big air stone and let the bubbles do their job for days… also works…

  2. Hey Joey I did what you said here exactly, but I found that for a 30 cm long tube 2 inch wide. I made 3 holes, the water flow is still too slow once i on my hose it back flow..I then used the rest of it a 60 cm long 2 inch PVC Tube and made 7 holes maybe 0.5 cm diameter each, still backflows if the tap water is too strong ( 300 Grams of Activated Cardon stuffed in bags ) I think it maybe have taken 15 mins with an adjusted flow for 60 litres of water to be filled up…the the question is I don't think you covered how fast the water flow should be? if its too fast isn't the carbon not going to be able to remove the chlorine and /chorlamines

  3. I tried the Clearmax method to get rid of nitrates. It does NOT work at all. I first ran the water trough a tube and through the clearmax…. nothing, I also put it in my filter for a bit, still nothing, I took out the media and put it in a different bag with bigger holes, still nothing, I took out the media entirely and put it in a small container with my Nitrate filled tap water (well water) and shook it and waited an hour, still nothing at all. Don’t waste your $20



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