How to cool your aquarium in the summer!

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How to cool your aquarium in the summer months when aquariums might start to overheat and water temperatures rise.

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  1. Here in the UK, my daughter lost all her shrimp today. Last week she noticed that the temperature in the tanks was up in the high 80s when she got home from work. I jerry rigged a fan up over the tank for her, and it seemed to be doing the job, but today, the temperature inside her house was over 100 F and the tank was over 90 degrees. The shrimp had all bitten the dust. I'd be inclined to come up with a more substantial system to keep it cool, but, once the present heat wave has passed, it's likely to be another 20 years before we get another heat wave like this one. This is why we don't have air con here. It's an expensive piece of kit to buy when you're only going to run it for just a few weeks per decade.

  2. Thanks a lot! Yesterday I found that my betta was just laying on the gravel all day so I did many things to try and get him up and about again until I figured out that it was because of the heat warning in my area. Thanks to your video I was able to figure out what was keeping my tank hot and was able to cook down my tank. Now my betta is swimming around like he did before

  3. careful using big canister filters on small tanks 3-20 gallons. My penn plax 500 heats up my 7g aquarium by 2 degress f. Room temp is 75 but aquarium temp would be 77.

  4. I was so confused the first few mins of the video i was like "noooo its during the winter that im preparing for dealing with hot tanks from the heater, not during the summer. Why dont they just turn on air conditioner???" Then i remembered hes in Canada not florida like me lmfao

  5. I gotta tell you; I love your vids. My fish, all two of them, are better taken care of than myself. You have a lot to offer and you share, that is greatly appreciated!

  6. I got this question in my mind and am curious to know , i got Fluval water conditioner for a community tank , the Fish are already inside the tank .. could i use Fluval water conditioner while the fish are inside or that would irritate them ?

  7. I tried the small fridge chiller for my 55 gal that is located in my garage. in the tank is a pleco and a koi. both will be moving into my aquaponics  1984 gal tank. fore the meantime I am running into a temp prob. I did the floating ice but that cut own on the swimming area for the koi and was tedious to keep up with.  temp is sitting at 82-86. this caused an algae bloom and that was a nightmare. I found that the fridge with 75 feet of marine hose just did not chill the water enough to cool the tank. since this was a learning experience for me as I will be needing a cooling system for the aquaponics which will be located outside in a greenhouse. my next consideration will be a chest freezer with much more hose. question here….. there might be room for another 25 foot hose in the mini you think that this will increase the cooling affect? I do have a vid of the set up.. would you like to see?

  8. How about using a beer chilling method ? First buy a small dorm type freezer and drill 2 holes in it for a supply and return.Make a tight coil of 1/4" to 3/8" copper tubing and install in freezer. submerge pond pump in aquarium hook up feed to supply of copper coil and watch it work. you could get fancy and add a thermostatic control device but I don't think you'll need it. By the way I am by no means an authority on aquariums . I just happened to pick up a 55 gallon aquarium somebody's throwing out and I'm thinking about putting pond fish in it and I got on his video here I thought of this method.

  9. sorry this is not related to the video (which was GREAT!!!). I have a 10 gallon planted tank and I want multiple fish, but there is an issue with this…. it's a 10 gallon tank. what are the friendliest smallest fish, besides neon tetra. THANK YOU for your videos!!!!



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