HOW TO: cool and ventilate your aquarium

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HOW TO: Aquarium ventilation and cooling TUTORIAL

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  1. I'm an Industrial Electrician that has built thousands of cooling systems and when you cool down an MRI machine you can stack these fans 2-5 or more depending on the heat. Just make sure your power supply can handle the amperage of the fans combined including the start-up amps.

  2. Joey, does you Arrowana like just a plain setup or are you going to do vegetation down the line. I know you said you would but have you started?

  3. hey Joey how's it going? i just uploaded a video and gave you a little shout out. my video is all about the things you showed how to make. and i want to personally thank you for being awesome so thanks man!

  4. heheh its ''blowing'' not ''pumping'', lol Joey you are so used to saying pumping in your vidoes .. lol cool video though, I'm definitely doing this for my axolotls tank

  5. I did this with an entertainment center and put it on a remote controlled outlet, so that I could turn it on when all of the electronics are on to keep cool air flowing through, super easy to do and wonderful for keeping things dry and cool.

  6. I'm just wondering, and if possible, I'd like to do, but, I recently ordered a canister ( mong other fish equipments) from another country (UK) and when it came in, I was definitely not expecting it to have a different electrical plug. I am from the US. This was my first time ordering a canister online, let alone from another country. so my question is, is it possible to re-wire the UK electrical plug to a us standard electrical plug? Any risks? Any advice would be good. It'd be such a waste to order these equipments and never be able to use them because of the difference in electrical plugs.

  7. I have about 6 of these 120mm fans and they are all tied into my lighting system.  That way when my lights are on the fans are on and when they're off they are all off.  Ideally though I would like my fans to stay on maybe 1 hour after my lights turn off but I will get around to that once I purchase another timer

  8. can we use multiple fans ie 4 fans and run on single 12v adepter? will it be helpful to cool down the tank if placed on top of the tank? if yes the how many *c will drop?
    thanks for the idea….

  9. old computer guy here and aquarium hobbist .. i'd suggest a water resistant screen between the fan and outside if you have pets or kids to keep paws, noses and fingers out of the blades.

  10. Fired Up!!! Idea. Been notice condensation build up in my canopy on my 55 gallon. My question is do you run the fans for 24 hrs or plug them in with light timer or its on timer?

  11. I live in an apartment on the top floor and during the summer it get really hot in my house so I made a little system for my canope with 2 fans pointing towards the water surface at an angle to agitate the surface and promote evaporation, one fan sucking the moist air from underneath the canope and blow it out. I have tested it and it works really well, after a little while my water temperature has gone down 5 degrees Celsius below the room temperature. I made it with small fans I took out of my Xbox intercooler.

  12. Is it possible that you some time in the future will be able to sell your book to the eu? because id really like to buy one of your books but living in denmark that isn't possible atm. Video was nice as always, keep it up!


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