HOW TO: Coffee Table Aquarium TUTORIAL

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In this video i will teach you how to build a coffee table aquarium fish tank.

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  1. This involves everything my husband is afraid of me using–power tools, fire, industrial adhesives and another aquarium in the living room 😀 rubs hands together I want to try it….

    Also, watching from 2018 😀 I love your enthusiasm now, and it's amazing how your video skills have grown, but your know-how has always been there 😀 Thanks for this how-to, and all that you have done over the years!!

  2. I'm really amaze how a habitable you are you're really good and the fishes you keep are truly beautiful background and lighting surely make a different and the fishs and care almost wanted me to have fidhs again?

  3. oh my you were absolutely awful at this way back then hahaha but like ive said before you are my numero uno go to on diy aquarium projects now. You are so so so so so much better now



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