HOW TO: clear aquarium water – POLISHER FILTER

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This is a simple video on an easy to do project that will help you polish your aquarium water. This is a filter that should only typically be used for a couple of hours. Not really intended for continuous use.


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  1. Is there any way you could point us to the two items you mention? I found the maxi-jet but the quilt batting??? There are so much to choose from. Any help would be appreciated

  2. How about a water polisher and neutralizer for vacuuming gravel. Tons of detritus and ammonia gets released during this little ordeal. If the water could be retained rather than tossed it would be very beneficial.

  3. Love your system, Had to order a pump, but now that I got it, it is working over time. I have changed the floss 3 times in five hours, but I can definitlely see the difference. May take the whole bag to get the job done.

  4. Hm, perhaps i could just set one of these up with sponge filters instead of investing in a canister filter…

    sponge for biological, this for physical

  5. I was using poly fill and my water would always have some particles then I tried some filter floss you get in a roll and I just put a few layers in my filter and it made my water basically crystal clear within a few hours. All that was left was like 10-20 particles and I really had to search to find them.

  6. I think I like this type of video more. You are seem more calm. And straight forward. In your recent videos you are always jumping around usually out of excitement or what not.. ones again love your videos . Very informative



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