HOW TO: cheap and simple DIY aquarium filter – sponge filter

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A basic aquarium pump has may uses when it comes to “Do it Yourself” and the aquarium hobby.

This is yet another use for one! A cheap and simple sponge filter. In my opinion, every fish tank should have one.

As mentioned in the video, you would have an already cycled filter for almost any situation. Make yours today for your fish tank, and it could possibly save you some real problems in the future!

To clean this filter, it is best to do so during a water change. Drain old tank water into a bucket, and rinse/squeeze the filter into it. When depends on how much you feed and how stocked the tank is. usually once a week is best.


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  1. Wait are you not meant to clean that sponge bit?? And why does mine have a hole but nothing through it? Iv had my tank for 9 months an I always clean the gunk out the sponge when I water change..please tell me what im doing wrong?

  2. Thanks for this. Appreciated. Critique if you're open to it: I feel like the video could be half the length tho and everytime you reference a component you say "actual" — like the "actual pvp pipe" or "the actual sponge" . It's funny.

  3. Hi I really like your videos. I have a sponge filter in my 15 gallon endler tank and rasbora tank. I have a lid made for the tank after two rasboras jumped off and died one evening. The only problem that am facing right is that the popping of bubbles is splashing water droplets all over inside the lid and over time they form big drops. If I dont wipe them off after maybe 6 hours, they start to drip from the top and cause water stain marks on the glass surface. Can you please suggest me any idea so that this water splashing can be stopped or reduced? I don't want to use any other type of filter cause sponge filters are perfect for me for the long run and I just love them.I do want the bubbles to pop cause it causes the much needed surface agitation and releases tiny air bubbles inside the water after popping which my endlers enjoy.

  4. I tried this in my 20 high for some added filtration and it works great. The water moves more and the tank is cleaner. I have had it now for two years. Thanks Joey.

  5. I have an art studio near me and I enjoy doing ceramics. I was wondering if it is possible to make the ceramic tile out ceramic clay. Can you also make a pleco tunnel or the ceramic rings? Do you happen to know if you would need to glaze them or not? It seems odd when I get the media it doesn't need to be sealed.

  6. Hi Joey, how you doing? I have question. What kind of sponge I can use? I mean if differents densities of sponge could affect the bacteria to grow inside of the sponge?



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