How to build an LED aquarium light that is fully customizable, cost effective and looks great!
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16.4ft 5M Waterproof Rope Lights 300 LED 5050 SMD Color Changing RGB Flexible LED Strip Light + 12V 6A Power Supply + Remote + IR Controller

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  1. If you had used mylar it would have been even better. Mylar is up to 97% reflective as to where aluminum is only 60% meaning 40% of that light is losted as heat

  2. Great idea!!! Were both strips connected to one power supply or separate power supplies. Could not tell on video. Saw the connections but not the power supply. Just got the lights today and on the way to the hardware store. Thanks.

  3. I tried this build, and one set of LEDs burned out in a week. My second attempt will replace the PVC pipe with aluminium pipe for added heatsinking (as well as getting higher quality LEDs). I also found it necessary to glue the LEDs down – even 3M tape wouldn't hold it.

  4. Hi, just a word of warning! Be very careful if you make these for a marine tank.
    I made a customs set for night time, moonlight effect.
    The adhesive failed and the strip dipped into the tank, as the electrical rails are copper, this acted like electrolysis and dumped large volumes of copper into my tank killing nearly all my Corel and invertebrates, it also contaminated my full tank so was a right off!!!
    I have these on my fresh tanks and love making my own, but Marine is more risky.

  5. Could I just do one tube of lights instead of the two for a 30" tank? If I did the two tubes would I have to buy two sets of those lights or does the controller work both of the tubes of lights?

  6. good idea i did this but! no dont do this the plastic flaked off the light every 1 to 2 inches all along the tube the angle is to tight unless you can make a water proof housing its no good and you risk electricution

  7. Also, don't mean to be too picky but the silver tape is a waste and may do more harm than good. Flat white will reflect more evenly if your tape is smooth. Mirrors reflect all the light in one place. Look at any high end grow light reflector. The inside is dimpled to more evenly reflect the light. If you see bright spots in the tank that is why. Try a sticky spray and crumple aluminum foil. Flatten it back out and glue it on. If you like the silver look that will do it more efficiently.

  8. I have done this. The lights get extremely hot wrapped around pvc or aluminum poles. They burn out and do not last long. I have been through about 5 sets of light strips. Best way to go is 24v lights. Led net controllers are radio frequency and are way better. You also need a 110 to 24v converter. All this rbg lighting is on Amazon.

  9. I used this for 6 months before the strip split in multiple places, exposing the circuit. It may or may not have something to do with the temperature.

  10. Could you use this build for a low light reef tank? I’m having a hard time finding some DIY reef lights and really love this build.

  11. Wouldn't silver spray paint on the interior work will for a better price? Also you should try a rgbw to wifi adapter. Will basically give an app to control lighting from your phone along with a built in timer! Only 12 bucks on amazon

  12. Led will fall off after heating
    Pour water into pvc pipe and close the end caps with pvc solvent .
    End result is led will transmit heat into the water.or you could use aluminium pipes as heatsink 😁😁😁

  13. Did you use 2 strips – 1 for each pipe? or did you use 1 strip across both pipes? if 2 strips, then are they independent of each other, i.e. 2 seperate remotes and 2 seperate power source?


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