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  1. I find that many plants can adapt to constantly wet roots (though some are easier than others). I use the following plants in my aquariums:
    Peace Lilly
    Snake Plant
    Spider Plant
    Lucky Bamboo

    I still do water changes on occasion to get solids (fish waste) out, but biologically, there is no need to. My nitrates always stay below 20 PPM. Try it! You won't be sorry you did.

  2. I recently crafted the trickle filter you showed us. I can puy my photo plant yhere and try. Because I read that photus plants roots are bad for some fish

  3. I have a large 6×2 ft pothos for more than a year, my nitrate have never been below 30 ppm and i do a 25% water change every week. You need a small jungle or a large Deep Sand Bed to remove the nitrate from your aquarium. Aquaponic is good for the plants and bad for the fish (demineralized water).

  4. I feel like the plants just consume all the ammonia and leave the nitrates as a last resort. I’ve never been able to detect ammonia, even with a few fish deaths, but there is almost always at least 5 ppm of nitrates.

  5. I use this in all my tanks have you learned of any other plants that require this low of light and effort? I want some variety now

  6. I actually had success with mint leaves growing roots. Just leaves that had been pulled off of a mint plant, in my fish tank. Of course, the leaves eventually went bad, but the point is: most plants can be used for aquaponics so long as the plants are gradually introduced to living in water/fish fertilizer (if the plant has ever only known dirt/fertilizer). A place in Maryville, TN happens to have a farm (Blackberry farms, if I remember correctly) that specializes in Aquaponics with all manner of plants (specifically produce for human consumption). There is no harm in trying to grow your favorite plant in an aquaponic situation if you decide to try it. As was mentioned in the video, sunlight and space will be some of your biggest obstacles. Most plant species that are not animal friendly tend to grow in shade and anywhere. lol

  7. Joey, can you also plant Pothos on the INSIDE of a hooded aquarium when you reduce the water level to 2/3. I rather not place anything on top/outside of the aquarium and I need an aquarium with a hood because of my cat(s). My idea is to buy a bigger aquarium, then not fill it all the way up. Then Pothos will grow under the aquarium light placed under the hood. Just have to keep them trimmed then though because of the space limit. Will this work just as well to remove nitrates from the water as pothos in an overhead sump, or not?



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