HOW TO: CHEAP and EASY aquarium backgrounds!

Yet another alternative to making your own aquarium background!
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  1. I'm like 4 years late but I've just tried this for my aquarium and it kinda works. Just make sure the film you're using is of good quality. Mine tore apart at some places when I tried to get the air bubbles out and ended up being a more grey-ish colour instead of black. Other than that, I can confirm that adding water to the glass before applying the film does help a lot.

  2. my painted aquarium background has peeled, looks sad and depressing.. so this is an awesome solution!
    thank you so much
    hail for the king!

  3. Joey good day, Lex here from dubai. I need a help from you 😊
    I made an internal filter but the problem is i couldn't find black acrylic in my area so i ended up with a clear one. I am wanting to paint it black, is there any acrylic paint safe for fish?

  4. Oh, Joey. If only it were as depicted. You say spray water when the instructions say soapy water. I think 'hmm would rather use plain water on an aquarium and that's what Joey did'. You say that the window tint is not sticky. HA! It's bloody Gorilla Tape in a super wide roll; sticks to EVERYTHING and especially itself! Painful experience that leads me to paint which I was going to avoid with this tint. I might have been able to work with it if I had not read the instructions and realized there is a clear liner to peel apart and had just stuck it up with the liner still on it.

  5. I have a bare bottom tank, can I use the static cling or window tint on the bottom to reduce the shine of the glass? Could it be harmful to the fish or leech anything into the water?

  6. Good sir very nice video good n All the best for other future videos 👌👍👍👍 ,,,

    Sir which paint we can use for painting inside of Aquarium fish tank ,,,??????
    Please reply me sir its very important for me 🤕🤕🤕🤕

  7. Tip: using quickrete hydraulic water stop cement works best!! 100% water proof…last!! Remember with this, no big details! Mix this thick!! Can make really good details with cement! Also makes great rocks!!! Best stuff I have ever seen!!!! Printable in about 7 days with water base latex…fish safe paint!!! This does have additives! So wait at least the full 7 days before putting in with fish!! I have had mine in tanks for last 4 years!! No problems, and no redoing!!! This stuff last!

  8. Could you layer the frosted and the tint. By that I mean trace out an image or symbol with the frosted put that on the glass then put the tint over it? Making almost a water mark look or smoky image look?

  9. Sir, i am left with these white marks on the inside of the poster after doing your technique, could you please tell me how to rectify it
    My mom is getting really mad

  10. Just used Joey's video and frosted my nano-tank. The hardest part was peeling the backing off the film. Does anyone have any tips on how to do this more easily???

    I spent like 20 minutes trying to peel that dang backing off! Lol



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