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So i have some good news and some bad news.

We’ll get the good news out of the way first.

This video you are watching right now is the start of short build series that will potentially be 6 videos long as most of my big build series are. In this series i plan to show you guys how i am going to build two 8 foot long, 200 gallon acrylic aquarium system. What will make this build unique will be the fact that they will be stacked one on top of the other and ran on a centralized filter.

The bad news is this…

Remember this tank? I did a build series on it. Essentially i took 2 tanks apart and built one huge one out of it. We ended up with a 540 gallon aquarium. If you didn’t see that yet, watch it because it’s a really interesting build.

If you remember this build you will remember that i mentioned that if i ever sold this house the only way i could get this tank out was if i took it apart. While i can save the glass, the bottom will not fit up my stairs and would have to be demolished.

Now im not actually selling my house for potentially another year or two, but i have a lot of other things i need to do so i am going to address the tank problem first. Well… that, plus i simply just want to build it right now.

So im building new tanks that i can easily get out of my house when the time comes as well as still be big enough to house my rays and arowana in the meantime. I’m building two for a simple reason. I can run both tanks with fish up until i move. When i move i will put all fish in one tank and can move the other tank to the new location. Once in place, move the fish to it and then move the last tank. This will make the move a lot easier and i will be completely ready for it.

So i want to start this series off with this video in telling you my basic plans. Then i want to move into next week’s video with the planning stages. Followed by building the tanks, building the rack, plumbing filtration, setting them up and moving fish around… Not to mention tearing this wall and tank apart. While I’m not sure what order i will do this in, those are the planned videos.

I do suggest following me on both Facebook and Instagram for additional pictures and to get to see everything before i put it on YouTube.

SO think i gave you a pretty good idea of what I’m up to, so well pick up in next week’s video where we plan this entire build out and I’ll walk you through how to plan something like this.

Anyways, i hope you guys enjoyed the video and are looking forward to this build as much as i am… i also want to thank you for watching, and we’ll see you next time.


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  1. I was going to watch "DIY pro Tips & Tricks" video series, however, all but 1 is listed as "private", I assume this is an error since I watched them about a week or 2 ago. Figured I'd let you know.

  2. Hey Joey my idea was that you create a series where you show how to make different aquarium chemicals, such as diy water conditioner, diy ph up or down, diy liquid iron fertilizer, diy liquid co2 and all those kinds of things, I think it would be really cool to make a series on chemicals. Thanks for making awesome videos and don't stop till you drop 🙂

  3. Looking forward to this new series, also if you could give me your email I have an we some idea on what you can make a series on. Thanks

  4. Joey, I'm going away for 7 weeks for basic training this summer, and I need an automatic feeder that will take care of my fish while I'm gone.  Do you have any recommendations for automatic fish feeders that use either pellets or flakes?

  5. I am looking forward to seeing your build because I am also wanting to eventually build a 6 or 8 foot tank that is an all in one set up. What are some thoughts on "all in one" set ups? Good luck Joey on your build.

  6. Say it ain't so! Sorry to see that tank go, but looking forward to the new build series. Also when you do move, please do some videos on moving fish and tanks. That would be super informative.

  7. haha go big or go home. in other words if you have to take apart the big one. you might as well build it bigger. you mentioned that you will need a bigger take for your rays, you might as well do it in the new house rather than wait and have to do more work.

  8. Have to say this guy is the best guy for learning about tanks. Also His new book is very informative. I think I have read several times. And made some of the thing he shows how to. I made my wet dry filter system like in his book. If it wasn't for him all my tanks would not look so good.  Plus with ideas like this one I'm building a 860-900 gallon tank using 4×10 contractor sheets of plywood witch run about $94 a sheet and it nice dug less fur with no knots. here's one of my babies. This one I have got it down to where I have to do water changes every 5-6 months thanks to joey 210 up date



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