HOW TO: Build aquarium sump filtration system – moving bed

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  1. The video is already two years old. Do you still use the moving bed filter? Did you change something on the filter? I absolutely like the moving bed filter and also plan to use such a filter for my planned 1,200 liter (about 320 gallons) tank.

  2. Have you ever had a acrylic tank that you have built break? Like a seam break? I have always wanted to try building a tank but have very expensive saltwater fish.

  3. dose k1 filter media has to be change after long time use ? if yes when to change ? if not how to clean it ? and if we has to clean it when to clean it each month or each 3 month

  4. how to contact you. i want to talk to you for making such stand and filtration system.i dnt have time to maintain my tank and i nedd my tanks water crystal clear. plz help me to it



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