HOW TO: Build aquarium lids and lights – 375 gallon aquarium build

In today’s video we look at how to build the acrylic aquarium, how to build the aquarium cover lids and how to build the led lighting.

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This series was scheduled to be 16 videos long. I decided to cut it short and compress the last few important aspects into 1 video so we can move onto more builds sooner!

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  1. Haha years later and I'm still watching your old videos for my questions. Love it been looking threw your book for lid options but seems to be the only thing I can't find in there lol my silver arowana jumped out last night lucky I found him but want to prevent that from happening again

  2. Joey, I've been trying to find these double walled polycarbonate panels in Canada but I cant find them anywhere. Where did you buy yours? Can you remember the brand name?

  3. If I build an acrylic fish tank I would like to have the return brought up through the bottom of the fish tank.  I would then use acrylic pipe to bring the return water above the level of the tank water.  Would this be a bad idea?

  4. So i am planning a big tank build right now. I want to build the aquarium 72x24x24. My question is would you recommend .500 or .750 for thickness? Thanks in advance and I love the channel. I have learned a great ordeal from you over the years!

  5. Where did you purchase your 3/4" Acrylic from. Im looking to do a build very much like this and am trying to find the Acrylic in the US. Roughly how much did the Acrylic cost ya?

  6. I have a 55 gallon tank and my old fluorescent lights were bad, so I used your LED light method and it works great! The one difference is that I didn't use guttering to hold the lights, I just gutted all the parts of the non-working lights and used the plastic housing from them since they matched the tank.

  7. Joey, Being following you for a while in your channel. Nice work. Can you do a video on Sea horses. I know you are a fresh water guy and you are thinking about having a salt water setup (at least until recently you changed your mind back to fresh water). If you reckon it's an expensive setup to do a demo, Can you at least talk about it weighing out the Pros and Cons and what to keep in mind before we decide to have one. Thanks.

  8. Would you mind put up the cost related to the build? It not in a video maybe perhaps in a blog or FB post… I understand cost variance between locations but at least have a starting point

  9. Joey, I believe you know the answer to this question better than anyone.. Please tell me if I can stand the front/back/and both sides on top of the bottom when assembling with silicon ? The tank glass total outside dimensions are 96"lx36"wx24"t with 1/2" glass. Please help sir..   Thank you very much

  10. hi i just moved to a rental house and my fish tank needs to be in my room which in pretty small and I also can't modify the house at all because it is a rental house i am a kid so I don't have much money could you do a video on some stuff that I could do to have a 20 gallon tank under this situation please?

  11. Jeoy, man I love this tank you've built. To me it's perfect everything about it, especially the filtration, the sump, the plumbing etc. and the overflow weir. Great planning….IT'S SO TIGHT. you're the man. ..enough said

  12. hi when are you doing video on making a pond in your back garden are you coming back to do it for you please let me know thanks a lot for taking your time reading this I love watching your videos all the time I've got a YouTube channel Michael aquarium

  13. Surprised the Arowana hasnèt killed them. lol Are you planning on using another black background? It really made the fish look awesome!

  14. you can find sheets like that called "coroplast". I use them in the printing busines all the time for lawn signs and such. typically those are white 4 foot by 8 foot sheets. but you can get them clear/green/yellow and so on.

    there is also a tool that you use to cut the flutes or corrugation. it is like a little hand tool. pretty cheap.



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