HOW TO: Build an XL aquarium canister filter with a 5 gallon bucket – 2 of 2

How to build a DIY bucket filter. More commonly known as a DIY aquarium cnaister filter.
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Uniseal Hole Size Chart
Uniseal for 1/2″ pipe (UNISEAL-0050) = 1.25 Hole Saw
Uniseal for 3/4″ pipe (UNISEAL-0075) = 1.25 Hole Saw
Uniseal for 1″ pipe (UNISEAL-0100) = 1.75 Hole Saw
Uniseal for 1.25″ pipe (UNISEAL-0125) = 2.00 Hole Saw
Uniseal for 1.5″ pipe (UNISEAL-0150) = 2.50 Hole Saw
Uniseal for 2″ pipe (UNISEAL-0200) = 3.00 Hole Saw
Uniseal for 3″ pipe (UNISEAL-0300) = 4.00 Hole Saw


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  1. I'm doing this build and is there was wondering how to add an in line heater so it's not in the tank my oscar just destroys everything lol would like to see how to add this to the build

  2. Hey, Joey! I know this was long ago, but I would love to see a video of a build of this with the vinyl tubing you mentioned. I tried finding the pieces myself, and I ended up with a Frankenstein type monster. Please help!!!

  3. We have a humble 55 gal tank with an Aquaclear 70 hanging off the back and we are finding it isn't enough. So I'm getting good ideas for DYI filters from your channel. 🙂

  4. Ok, this has been a disaster trying to build the 6 gallon filter, it leaks like a pig! I cant get it to seal. I used vaseoline on the seal, then started using a rubber mallet tryinh to seal it but NO LUCK – HELP

  5. Where you get your parts from? My pump came with the black input flang (not sure if that is what it is called) however you have two of them on your pump.

  6. The screw in lid continues to leak on our set up. It will work for a while then all at once it starts spraying. No idea why. Any thoughts? It doesn't leak out of any of the fittings, just the screw in lid part.

  7. I am building a temporary holding tank for my fish for the winter. Its only 50 gallon. Can I get away with a 396 mgh pump or do I need more. I only have 5 fish. My pond is not deep enough for fish to make it though the winter, small pond. Was also thinking of using some charcoal to help in filtering process along with lava rock and a mechanical medium.

  8. Saludos desde Perú, pude comprar su libro, una pregunta que forma practica de cebado podrias recomendar? un video para cebar la bomba de forma practica seria bueno

  9. Bucket + PVC + others accesories + Pump+ spending Time = better for me to go straight and get a FLUVAL canister filter. 👍 also this pump look too bulky.
    But thank you for sharing

  10. Thank you for this video Joey. I have used this video for my first DIY bucket canister filter and so far it work well, except for when I want to clean the filter. The water siphon and over-flood the bucket when I turned off the pump, so I really need help with fixing this issue. Would you mind help me with this issue?

  11. Que pedorron de filtro tipo Canister el que eh visto en este vídeo, franca mente que la acuarofilia es extensa, cada día se aprende más.
    (posdata: pedorron se dice cuando una mujer tiene, ustedes ya saben donde!!).

  12. Follow your directions exactly. Works for a few minutes then loses its prime. Stops. All hoses checked, no leaks. Defective pump maybe? Any ideas. Lots of work. Replayed your video 50 times.!!

  13. Hey Joey, I followed your instructions to the tee, but it runs great for a few minutes, then it seems to lose its prime. Over and over! I can see the bubbles in the hose. Then it stops. I’ve changed hoses, tightened clamps… no luck any suggestions??

  14. Please pay attention here! You say you prime your system by gently sucking on the pipe to get the water to flow out of the aquarium. You did nothing to take into account the volume of water that is able to leave the aquarium compared to the water entering. If the water is entering at a rate faster than the outflow the aquarium will fill over the top and spill all over your house. If you lost your prime on the outflow the same overflow will happen unless you engineered the reservoir to hold slightly less water than the aquarium can hold overall before it overflows. In our example you have the inflow spraying in such a way to cause bubbles to flow into the corner where the outflow pipe is. That can easily contribute to the bubbles entering the outflow pipe, a loss of prime, and an overflow of the aquarium. Also, as another already commented about. Never use vaseline on a rubber seal. The petroleum based vaseline will destroy the seal over time and again, leak all over your living room floor. Silicone based plumbers lube is the only thing you should be using here.

  15. I know this is just a demo but if they followed your example there could be a major problem with water all over the house. The PVC glue you used is missing a component. PVC glue comes with a another can canned the cleaner. You use the cleaner the same way you use the glue but without the cleaner first the glued only joint can easily fail, especially those connections under pressure from the pump.

  16. Great video thank you! I made o e and have been through two gamma seal lids, first one was the original, second was the gamma2, both leak at the oring drawing in air until the output starves of water. I'm contemplating installing a vent tube higher then the tank to relieve internal pressure on the gamma seal.

  17. Just found this video and found out a company called gamma2 vittles vault makes a flat sided 13 and 20 gallon airtight food grade bin with a screw top lid an gasket

  18. I cant thank you enough. I was torn apart by the price of filters when I snagged my 120 gallon tank. Its been sitting because I just could not justify spending so much on a filter and this really just opened my eyes to how simple filters really are and I will 100% be using this video to build my own.

  19. Wait… what kind of pump are you using? I have a 350g stock tank, tank. For a juvenile arowana. I keep missing the make and size of the pump I need to use. Google isn't helping me.

  20. For about the cost of building one of these DYI filters, you can buy a Sunsun or Polar Aurora canister filter, both of which work great!

  21. Mechanical filtration before media filtration always. Mechanical filtration should go course, medium then fine before the media. Building the way you did fills all the media with guck.

  22. I cannot for the life o me get that screw on lid to seal, it leaks everywhere and I have the pump pulling from the canister. Anyone has any ideas/experience with this issue?

  23. G'day Joey, bloody great videos mate!! I realise this is pretty old now, but I have a quick question – why do you only use wool padding without the additional layers of coarse and medium sponge?



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