HOW TO: Build an XL aquarium canister filter with a 5 gallon bucket – 1 of 2

How to build a DIY bucket filter. More commonly known as a DIY aquarium cnaister filter.

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Uniseal Hole Size Chart
Uniseal for 1/2″ pipe (UNISEAL-0050) = 1.25 Hole Saw
Uniseal for 3/4″ pipe (UNISEAL-0075) = 1.25 Hole Saw
Uniseal for 1″ pipe (UNISEAL-0100) = 1.75 Hole Saw
Uniseal for 1.25″ pipe (UNISEAL-0125) = 2.00 Hole Saw
Uniseal for 1.5″ pipe (UNISEAL-0150) = 2.50 Hole Saw
Uniseal for 2″ pipe (UNISEAL-0200) = 3.00 Hole Saw
Uniseal for 3″ pipe (UNISEAL-0300) = 4.00 Hole Saw


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  1. I cannot for the life o me get that screw on lid to seal, it leaks everywhere and I have the pump pulling from the canister. Anyone has any ideas/experience with this issue?

  2. 2:54 instead of pvc and lighting diffuser use "grit guard" It's pretty much the same the same thing but is meant to get "grit" sand,dirt,debris etc off your brush and keep it at the bottom of the bucket when washing your vehicle.

  3. Does not work. Leaks under pressure. Gamma seal rim has factory push pin marks to prevent from getting a good seal. Will work with pump in the bucket and a overflow to the bucket causing no pressure. Sort of like a mini sump. But like I said do not expect this bucket filter to work like any kind of sealed canister. Lid will spring leaks. I tried several gamma seals and they all leak under pressure no matter how much you tighten down on them.

  4. I have a ​ bucket filter with a gamma seal lid and it leaks through the lid. I believe the seal in the lid can not handle the water pressure with the buckets on the floor. Is it best to elevate the buckets above the tank to weaken the pressure. Or is there something I can do to get a better seal on the lid? Or do you have any suggestions?

  5. I'm having some pretty bad issues with having a good seal with the uniseals. The holes are drilled properly, one of the seals seems to be holding well on the output (on the bottom), but the top seal seems to leak air (followed by water) constantly. I've tried sealing it with super glue, but air finds another way out, followed by water again. It seems to be my only point of failure and is a bit frustrating :/ do you have any tips for this?

  6. I been trying to figure out how to improve the mechanical filtration to this filter. They make external prefilter that are pretty cheap that give an extra piece of mind. Rerouting the intake to a prefilter and then to the bucket seems pretty simple. The one I ordered is about 2 liters but Joey's PVC filter design would make a great prefilter.

  7. I built this for my juvinile yellow belly slider tank and it works amazing. Smell locked in the bucket, tank stays clean for twice as long. The syphon suction and flow from the pump work together to keep all the big debris out of the tank way better than using the pump for suction. Thanks!



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