HOW TO: Build an underwater waterfall sandfall for a fish tank

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How to build the underwater waterfall – sandfall. A basic example on how to do it and some simply tips to make it work and look good.

Part 1-
Part 2-


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  1. Sir,,, I am right now working on sandfall and experimenting a lot to get best results.. One thing I donto understand is why use an airstone.. wouldnot an open air pipe do a better job …

  2. Have you tried putting a pump under that sand on the bottom? Maybe you can get rid of the sand, and just use air bubbles? They would look much better because bubbles sparkle and reflect light.

  3. I want to build a sand fall but i need it to be in the middle so it can be viewed on both sides. I use my tank as a room divider. Can you make a how to video?



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