HOW TO: Build an aquarium – THE OFFICE TANK BUILD!!


Today, I begin the series on my office tank build. In this video, I show you how to build an acrylic aquarium using the pin method. Given it’s thickness, I was also able to make it a braceless aquarium.
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In this series you will see:
How to build an aquarium
How to build an aquarium filter
How to build aquarium lighting
How to build an aquarium stand
How to set up an aquarium
How this aquarium works
How to aquascape an aquarium
How I stocked this aquarium

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How to build aquarium filters:
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  1. A friend of mine is giving me his acrylic tank but he said it has some scuffs on it don’t really know what that means I haven’t seen it yet but is there a way to remove any scuffs or scratches

  2. My all glass Marineland 220 gallon aquarium has to be rebuilt the only problem is the bottom glass is free floating. Only the bottom glass seems to be held by silicone floating 3/4 of an inch from the stand surface. I haven't found a video showing or explaining the importance of this free floating method. My Frontosas are depending on me thanks!

  3. im thinking of making an aquarium but i have 1 question what thickness of acrylic would i need for a 70 gallon tank
    thats not the actual amount the tank will hold i just want to play it safe because the build holds a little more than 65 gallons and i would like it too be as strong as it can be without over killing it and wasting a ton of money

  4. Hello. Two years, the best the channel which I saw, thank you for it is signed on your canal. At me появиля material acryle (орг glass) 10 mm wide, I want to make an aquarium the sizes length, a shinina (depth), height (height is possible less if there isn't enough thickness a stele of 10 mm) 148-80-60. Question: whether it is possible to make such aquarium of 10 mm, and than it is better to stick together it, we have in Russia no information about gluing together of such aquariums and such glue by which you koyeit if it is possible please the link where to buy this glue. For I thank you for the answer earlier. You very much will help me.

  5. Joey, I'm a huge fan of all your work and love your channel. When you talk about how you want clean, crystal clear edges during the polishing portion, what about those edges that actually butt up against other pieces of acrylic? For example, the side edges of the side panels? Do you polish those 3/4" edges so that they are clear when viewed THROUGH the completed front and back panels? Thanks for the incredible info!

  6. Awesome builds and great info Joey! One quick question: I live in a city that chlorinates our water. How would you choose to condition your water before a water change after plumbing was added into the tank to help facilitate faster water changes? Tired of carrying buckets lol.

  7. im thinking of making something just like this but 43 gallon soo should i get a sump? drip sytem? both? and what fish i was thinking fancy goldfish but i would only be able to get like 3 i want a active tank with like 7 fish (i only can make a 43 gallon)
    btw idk much about fish



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