HOW TO: Build an aquarium sump – Submerged filter

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In today’s video, i show an example on how to build a basic submerged sump for your aquarium, while discussing the pros and cons.

How to build an emerged sump:
How to build a submerged sump:
How to build a fluidized sump:


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  1. I am designing a sump for a huge aquarium ( 12000 gallons ) the sump will be about 270 gallons, is it good if I designed it to be both emerged and submerged in deferent stages ?

  2. Most vids: … then a bubble trap, then the return.

    KoDIY: This what a bubble trap is and does (shows relevant clip of function). This is why you might want one. This is the type of aquarium it is most common for.

  3. Problem is if enough water evaporates such that water can't clear the 2nd baffle, the pump will burn out. Why not put 2nd baffle close to first baffle. then you really don't need 3rd baffle and a lot more water would have to evaporate before the pump runs dry.
    Or you could build a prefilter to sit on top of sump that drips water down and then you don't need baffles at all.

  4. Good info man but you need to slow waaay down. I'm all about shorter rather than longer videos but when i need to pause the video like 20 times, that means your going too fast. This video out of the other 2 was also pretty low info and ultimately not that helpful which ultimately meant this one required the least amount of pausing.

  5. Good afternoon,I’m blowing my brain apart here, as I’m pretty sure I’ve lost the formula and calculations in this video, I have a very soon and very near future project, of building an aquarium that is 4x2x1.5ft, in inches that’s 48 in length 24 in height and 18 in width, I’m planning on building a sump pump for it. Calculations have told me that it’s an 89.6 gallon tank and I need too pump 448 gallons an hour, I also need 448 watts directly from the heater, now, in designing the seperate sump tank, I’m stumped as too what the size of my sump tank should be.Specs89.6 gallon tank *main tank*I’ve got a pump in mind too pump 448 gallons an hourSump tank size ?????I just need the size of the tank needed, please please helpShould I use a 2ft long 2ft high 2ft wide tank for the sump?Please please, in desperate need of help(Not a saltwater setup)

  6. This video just left me with more questions than answers. Maybe next time try not to be in a hurry just to make a buck. The cons: because you'll have to take care of it more. Wtf?

  7. Might it be worth pumping some of the water from the 'finished' end of the sump back to the start, re-filtering it, before returning to the tank?

  8. Can you explain why this type of sump needs "more maintenance?" The prefilter has to be changed just as often on the wet/dry, and the biologic doesn't need that much maintenance.

  9. hi bro how are you?
    I want one help from you my tank crack from bottom I don't know the reason why I placed flat plywood but I didn't placed tharmacol plz help me soon and plz make a video for this problem plz bro.

  10. Hey Joey,
    I am using an Aqueon 30 gallon aquarium for my sump. I would like to know what size panels I would need and where to place them in the aquarium sump. I think I will be using a Reef Octopus 152-S skimmer but not sure yet. Thanks.

  11. I'm trying to setup a 30g salt water was wondering on the best diy sump to hold the live rock and live sand so they can release the good bacteria in excess but not overcrowd the tank with rocks and lots of sand so the displacement effect for water isn't so big. the tank I'm planning already will have fake coral and fake anemone for 2 false percula clowns, a fire goby and possibly a jaw fish with some small star fish as cleanup crew.

  12. please help, i started my submerged sump 2 days ago and my water is cloudy. in the first stage i put about 2 in of polyfill follwed by a 2 in thick sponge. the middle chamber has about 7 gallons of lava rock. followed by the last stage that just has the pump in it. How can i clear up my water? am is my mechanical filter stage missing anything?
    p.s. i dont wanna use a filter sock or anything that needs to be changed often. my canister keeps my 55 crystal clear for at least a week

  13. Hi Joey, I love your videos! They are both very educational and inspirational and have rekindled my interest in the hobby. I am looking to build my first sump and was just looking on some direction on how to size the glass for the baffles. The tank is a 360G and the sump is approximately 125 gallons 5' L x 2' W x 20" H and i am using two laguna max flo 2400s. The "sump" is currently running without any baffles and is very inefficient. I have sumps with baffles on my other tanks, but they were built by an aquarium manufacturer so I don't have any experience building them just like how they work. I was also looking to increase mechanical filtration because I do notice a lot of detritus on my ceramic rings and have to rinse them with tank water every few months. I use 100 micron filter socks, but I also read that you can add filter sponges between baffles, do you have any recommendations on where to obtain large filter sponges?

    Thank you for your time



HOW TO: Build an aquarium sump – emerged trickle filter

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