Today, we build the stand to my planted aquarium

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  1. As a colorblind guy I can appreciate your mis-matched stuff. For years I had white sheets…until my now wife came over and informed me that they're actually pink haha

  2. You know I honestly think that it's just beautiful and humbling that you're colorblind. The reason being that you manage to live happily and be perfectly content with simple things like the possibility that the stands in your office don't quite match 100%, and it sure doesn't seem to bother you when somebody points it out.

  3. What are the dimensions you used? I’m wondering how tall to make the stand. Also I have a 28g jbj nanocube with a curved front. How should I go about making then stand flush?

  4. Joey, I have been trying to find these Jigs you are using at the 1:20 mark. I cant seem to find any reference to these jigs you are using to align the wood, i do a lot of work with 2×4's and those seem to latch and release fast. What are they?

  5. I need some help, I built a stand very similar to yours only difference is the size, mine is 24Wx30L and it sways back and forth? I have the 2x4s between the top and bottom frames. I haven't wrapped it in the plywood yet, it's exactly the same as the one you describe. When I do apply it, will it help with this issue? I'm not as inclined with woodshop persay. Thank you!

  6. Hi Joey , I will build my first aquarium stand for my 40G aquarium! I want to know what kind of wood I should use?Larch?Pinus sylvestris?or any other ~~~~~

  7. What clamps do you have when you're doing the 90 degree top and bottom boxes? I've seen different styles but not like those. Thank you for the advice and knowledge that your videos provide! As a first timer they make all the difference.

  8. personally i would get the hinges and handles from discount store or second hand stores. but the issue you run into there is matching when needing more than a single handle, or needing more than a single pair of hinges.



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