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Please excuse the audio in the video once again. I am trying to work with a new camera, and new editing software….. so frankly, im learning. Just turn the volume way up!

This is a tutorial on how to build an aquarium canopy/stand. In this video , i show all materials needed, total cost, and how to put it together. This is the final video to this build.

Keep in mind, I kept this as simple as possible. Once i wrap this in plywood, the plywood gets screwed directly to the frame, so the strength would then increase even more. The reason for keeping most of my builds as simple as possible, is so that a wider range of people can actually do them. I try to keep tools, and complications to an absolute minimum.


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  1. I'm sure you mention it somewhere in one of the videos, but how do you keep evaporate from causing mold to grow on the inside of the canopy? Is there a particular sealer you use?

  2. Hey man big fan. Been following you for about a year and I have the app too. Just wanna say as an avid fish lover you are like a personal hero to me. Your dedication to your animals is astounding. And these videos on building a stand are an enormous breath of fresh air due to expenses for setting up my 40 gallon. Keep up the amazing work.

  3. Hey Joey! I've watched nearly all of your DIY videos on stands, filters, building aquariums, ect. I really appreciate how you not only show how you create these projects, but also explain why, as not many channels do this. Anyways, I followed your design for my stand and canopy, with some minor changes, but very close. One thing I would like to suggest for your wrapping is beaded plywood panels. For my 20 gallon tank stand and canopy I used 1 $10 pine panel with a $2 8 foot pine trim. The total cost of my stand and canopy wrapped with trim (minus the screw, which I had) was $36. Thanks for your videos! Keep them coming!



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