HOW TO: Build an aquarium Stand/Canopy 2/3

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Please excuse the audio in the video. I was having issues with it, and didnt notice until the video was already done.

This is a tutorial on how to build an aquarium canopy. In this video , i show all materials needed, total cost, and how to put it together.

Keep in mind, I kept this as simple as possible. Once i wrap this in plywood, the plywood gets screwed directly to the frame, so the strength would then increase even more. The reason for keeping most of my builds as simple as possible, is so that a wider range of people can actually do them. I try to keep tools, and complications to an absolute minimum.


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  1. Why so much static noise? Clicked to watch because I watch you and your projects all the time and I’m getting ready to build a custom canopy with hinged top for my wife’s 38 gallon bow front and our 75 gallon Lake Malawi tank.

  2. Yo i was trying to fix my hanger wire that I made specifically for this video! I moved the hanger around and I could not get a damn signal… then I realized it's the video. So I put my imaginary wire away 😋

  3. Would be better to nail that with finish nails since you’re gonna glue it. The glue is what’s going to hold it together and no mater how small the screw is.. it’s going to be hard not to split the wood on the ends even if you predrill for them. The splitting will occur when you try to sink the screw head into the wood for a proper finish later. Also if you ask for 2×1 you’re going to get a blank look they are 1×2 furring strips.

  4. The reason there is so much static is a really simple reason, because this video is such high quality as far as informational value this is a true test of the human attention span. Great video regardless, thanks for the help!

  5. You should do a voice over or something on this video. I really enjoy all the information you provided and your videos have helped and inspired so many projects of my own. Thanks



HOW TO: Build an Aquarium Stand/Canopy 1/3

HOW TO: Build an aquarium Stand/Canopy 3/3