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This is a tutorial on how to build an aquarium stand frame. In this video , i show all materials needed, total cost, and how to put it together.

Keep in mind, I kept this as simple as possible. Once i wrap this in plywood, the plywood gets screwed directly to the frame, so the strength would then increase even more. The reason for keeping most of my builds as simple as possible, is so that a wider range of people can actually do them. I try to keep tools, and complications to an absolute minimum.


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  1. I built this stand to fit a 20 gallon. It cost over 100$. I used a level, a square, 2x4s, plywood for top, screws, an arm saw, a table saw, a drill and a sander. Not easy but doable on a day off afternoon. It's great

  2. I built my stand to spec using your advice. Great stand! 48.5×18.5×45. yes, it's a bit high, and there's a tall 120 on top. My question is this, I did not put the center stud in the front to allow for large sump access and most people do this. How much weight do these stands support? Roughly….not holding you to it. . it's just a curiosity thing. I just need to feel better knowing that avstand built like this can support the weight of a tank this size. Thanks.

  3. I've watched a few of your DIY stand videos. Wondering how these stands work with reef ready aquariums with corner overflows. It looks like the stand upright would be in the way of the overflow holes in the bottom of the tank. Is there a workaround for this?

  4. Just out of curiosity when you build your stand is it safe to use pressure treated wood or should I put a finish on just regular wood that pre treats the wood for water damage

  5. Thanks Joey just got into hobby and am currently building this stand for my first 40 gallon tank went yesterday to my LFS which is an hour away and got all my goodies can’t wait hopefully tonight I will start putting in water yayyyy….

  6. Hey man love your videos! I just wanted to offer a different perspective on wood glue. Sorry if its already been said, but wood glue is actually stronger than the wood. We use mechanical fasteners like screws or joinery to reinforce the wood around the two joined pieces. So basically if all you did was, just use wood glue, the wood around the glue would snap before the glue gave out. (After curing ofcourse

  7. Hey! You probably won’t see this but I’m so thankful for this video. It’s been years but I just built a stand like this and it’s been great! Big fan of you man, keep it up!

  8. Can someone tell me what the thickness of the wood is? I'm from India, and suppliers don't understand when I say I need a 2X4 ply. They ask me what thickness I want

  9. I used this plan to build my first stand (with my first aquarium). Thanks king of DIY! I thought it would be worth noting that 2x4s generally always have bow in them – and the ones I used were no exception. But, as long as you build it true, and squeeze together the pieces (clamps are a must), the weight of the tank when filled with water, will straighten out those wobbly stands. If you've never built anything before, you might not understand what I'm trying to explain here, but if you build it, and it does not lay completely flat – and it most likely will not, don't stress! 🙂

  10. joey, i am going to build this stand for my 125 gallon. i am going to have my hardware store make the cuts. can you please give me the exact cuts to give them for the wood? thank you

  11. Thank you very much Joey. Im big fan and watch your videos all the time! Today I built my first stand using this video and your template, and it turnes out amazing. Ur awesome thank you so much for the help!!



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