HOW TO: Build an aquarium stand bookshelf – THE OFFICE TANK BUILD!!

How to build a DIY aquarium stand


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  1. This looks awesome way better than the one you just uploaded but I can see you’re thought process there hopefully you build some more awesome innovative diy aquarium styles , always great content, I love catching up on the content you have made I learn multiple tips per day it’s awesome man you’re a legend

  2. I've never stained wood before in my life and I have developed a bitter hatred for it just from watching you do it. I know just by looking at it that it's something I'd get sick of after 30 minutes and leave unfinished for 6 months. Adding this to the unfinished project list before I've even started.

  3. came from Snakebytes TV, im a reptile guy but i find this really helpful in general! subscribing and hey im starting to get more interested in aquatics now! 🙂 keep it up man.

  4. I know you like 3/4" plywood for a lot of your builds. I'm looking to build my own 60" L x20" D x 38" H. Needs to support 1100 lbs. I don't understand how to know how many inches of vertical 3/4" plywood do I need around the bottom base to support that weight. I don't want 2×4"s in this small of a stand. But can't find a load calculator for 3/4 plywood. Any help would be appreciate it. If it matters I will have a 34x15x15 sump and 10x16x16 reservoir in stand.

  5. Excellent… Actually I love watching all ur vids, but at the moment Im enjoying this build.. .. 🙂
    I suggest you to put in some yellow gouramis & some honey gourami.. they look excellent.. never heard you talk about plecos.. Hope you put some of them too.. all the best bro..

  6. I have this fish I got a few years ago which I got from a fish shop in a pond fish area with at least 300 other fish. it was orange and black at the time and small too. it's still small but I have no idea what kind of fish it is! do you know

  7. I am planning on building your cheap wet dry sump for my 10 gallon reef tank. After doing some research on wet dry for saltwater I found some people saying it will make to much nitrite. How can I get around that? Or is it something I dont have to worry about?




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