HOW TO: Build an aquarium sand filter TUTORIAL

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In today’s video, i show you how to build a compact sand filter. The original fluidised filter.

When it comes to filtration, fluidised filters are arguably the most efficient method of aquarium filtration.

Create a fluidized sump:
More on this method of filtration:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:


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  1. I am wanting to make one of these for my aquaponics systems then I'm getting I was looking at a 5 gallon glass jug can you show how that would be made on a larger scale thank you

  2. Can I get a diagram of this system it sounds like this is something I want to use for my aquaponics system what question I saw a where do I put the tubing for the water to go back to the fish tank

  3. That’s all fine, but how can you “hide” their ugliness in the tank? It’s defies the purpose of having a visually attractive aquarium. Wether you have a small or large tank you want to use the full capacity of it to create a beautiful composition and the outside filter is a must there!


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