HOW TO: build an aquarium rack – cheap and easy

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cheap and easy aquarium rack
how to build an aquarium rack
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how to build a fish tank rack


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  1. Why can’t I just pay him to build it for me? I’m sad so is my wallet, I like making things but I can’t stand the thought of messing up when it comes to wood.

  2. Building one like this now and I am excited. I am adding a horizontal brace for each shelf as I will have (4), 10 gallon tanks on 4 shelves. I will have 8 inches between shelves and it will be 21 inches wide to hold them. They will be 4 across with side view up front and will be 42 inches in width. I cannot wait to get it finished tomorrow, then off to pick up 16 tanks and drill them.

  3. Hi Joey, Quick question I'm hoping you could answer. I'm looking to build a rack for an area with limited space leaving a row of tanks just a few inches off the floor. With that said how would you go about cleaning the bottom tanks sub-straight. I use sand and don't like to use the python system to reduce the chances of slowly plugging my plumbing. Any suggestions would be great.

  4. Joey, I’m building an aquarium rack using some of your design. I am putting 20 10 gallons and 4 20 tall on it. The length is 55 inches and width 37. I am building sturdy rack based on your stand. Should I center brace because it’s over 48 inches. I am using plywood on top of the shelves. Thanks

  5. I built this for my 2 29 gallons. It's great, though I'm sure you'd build it better. First time I have ever built anything. I'm now building a stand for 6 29 gallon tanks as I'll be breeding soon. Thanks for everything, Joey!

  6. I remember in a more recent video you saying these DIY kind of videos dont get you viewers I think its only because youve covered so much already in the past :D. Good reference material

  7. +103112177334022608693 Hay joey was wondering if i can get some advice on fish tank build, im gonna do a triple stack of 4ft tanks, I'm gonna do dado joints along with a back up brace like you did in this video, also gonna make sure there 2 support beams on the rectangle piece that the tank is gonna sit on, my only concern is the 2 long horizontal piece that tank sits on whether its gonna need a vertical center support beam in the middle cause I'm not sure if its gonna sag in the middle due to being long? or can i get away without it.



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