HOW TO: Build an aquarium into a wall

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This video shows how to install an aquarium into a wall.


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  1. Would love to own a house with studs every eight inches but as a builder I think I would quit that day. Sounds absolutely Insane to me. Even most apartment buildings I’ve helped build weren’t quite that close together. I believe it was 10” but uncertain anymore.

  2. One suggestion – I think you may have made the cutout too tall – the dead space above the water line really takes away from the beauty of the overall look. If you had compensated for that in the cutout it really would have looked like a flat panel.

  3. Eight inches? Wow, houses must be built strong where you live. It's 16" on center for studs here in most areas of America unless it is my hovel, which seems to have been built by drunk people with a random sense of what 16" on center means, lol. Still, great video and instructions.

  4. Hey Joey. If you did this in the wall that connects to the garage, is there anything else you should do to prevent winter drafts from coming in?

  5. Joey, I am going to attempt this with my father.  We are using a 75 gallon tank that will house turtles and cichlids.  The back of the tank is painted (thanks to your vids), but I was wondering if I should paint the sides as well?  I don't want the garage to be seen through the side panels. Also, did you place something over the dry wall seams so that it would not be exposed to the tank?

  6. Lol I thought it was a flat screen as well…that is awesome man…nice job…I would love to do one of those but would have to build a fake wall with door and everything to do water changes…



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