How to build an aquarium filter sump

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This is a filter i built. It is a combination filter, incorporation a wet/dry and fluidized bed. Video show how it works.


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  1. Did you ever end up using this filter? Do you have some footage of it running? It would be cool to see an updated version of this if you are looking for new projects.

  2. First time I see it run backwards. I've usually seen it where the water first comes into the wet/dry then the other compartments. I wonder if it makes a difference; I like this setup better. I allows for more volume in the sump.

  3. I think this setup will also act like a water tower and cool the water as it falls, I wonder, if used in a Reef aquarium sump, if this drip type setup could eliminate the need for a chillier? interesting.

  4. how big of a tank did u use for the sump? and how big of a tank would this filter. im going up to a 265 gallon Tank what size tank would u recomend usuong for the sump? thanks

  5. what is k1 media? and how do they work/ what do bio balls do? I'm building a wooden (plywood ) tank (72L x 32W x 25 H/ I might make it 30 inches tall) what size sump (Aquarium) should I use?



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