HOW TO: Build an aquarium cover LID

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build an aquarium lid for your fish tank
how to build an aquarium cover
diy aquarium lid


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  1. The same sheet can be used as canister filer which you used Plastic bucket piece to make a canister compartment in ur aquarium?

  2. How effective is a lid for keeping some heat in the tank? Room temp is about 67 and water temp is 78. My 150 watt heater is on 24/7 in my 29 gallon.

  3. I have a bow front tank and trying to replace the hood to get a better looks and lighting has been a nightmare. But I will keep this in mind going forward with my idea. I love the screen option, but I need to keep evaporation down.

  4. THIS WORKED GREAT!!! The center glass that held the lids on my 180g came crashing down in the middle of the night! I had plexi-glass lids, which was costly, and sagging anyways. Because I have fish in the aquarium, I wanted a fix that didn't require the center glass to be reattached. THIS WAS A QUICK, EASY and aesthetically pleasing cover for my aquarium. THANKS JOEY!

  5. People talked about this being an eyesore? Idk, I'm trying it for the first time with a 29 gallon blackout tank I just put together (used your guidance for lid, black paint and technique, diy sponge filter, and bottle purifier :), and I really like it. It's a little cumbersome, so I need to cut in access for feeding, etc., but otherwise, I like it. I got a basic Aqueon 30" florescent strip fixture for $5 on Craigslist, and I'm rollin!'

    Keep up the good work on the vids. I'm extremely new to the hobby (just over two months in), and I've learned a ton from watching yours and Dustin's. I always look forward to the next one. Thanks! 🙂

  6. Hi I realy enjoy watching your videos and im learning a lot. I will try to make my first glass aquarium soon but I want to make a lid for that aquarium and on your videos you show how to make a glass aquarium but not the perfect lid for it. Can you make a video of a glass lid for that tipe of aquarium?

  7. I am thinking of replacing my plastic cover with a glass one. After watching lots of videos showing sliding Ines which seem ok, I am actually interested in one that is hinged using Shower fittings, what do you think, could you work this out and show me the best way as a new video?

  8. Hey, love your videos! One question, how would you mount lights over this material safety without the risk of melting it? I am new to planted tanks and would consider using this material if I could figure out the light issue. Do you have a video that shows the addition of a light source over this lid? Thank you!

  9. I gave this a thumbs up, very resourceful and creative for sure (!!!) and this was my experience:

    The overall end product worked out well, I'm happy with it. What I encountered. Cutting the poly-carbon for your first time, you need some hand strength and a sharp "burly" scissors or I also found a Sabre saw with a fine blade handy, but the challenge with that was clamping down the plastic without crunching it. Also challenging was cutting straight lines. You have to be patient and learn how to work with the material. Make a practice cut with a small piece. This material is too strong to score with a razor, unless you have a nice homemade jig with a board underneath. Note to self. Joey has mad skills, but he makes things look easier than they are sometimes? I used this DIY on a 10 and 15 gal. tank. What I did like about it the most was I could customize the top with my heavy duty scissors for my plumbing that was on the top of the tank, and I could keep "more" of the top of my aquariums covered because the top is completely custom.I also like that you have some open spots on tank to allow water to evaporate and oxygen to get in. I needed this solution because the lid on my tank, with the LED lights was tired and the LED's were failing and working only intermittently. If I were to go and and buy new lids, I'd of paid 4-5 times (maybe more) than what I paid to cover my two aquariums, and now I have a little experience and will likely use the leftover poly-carbon for a 40-55 gallon tank easily when I go for the DIY LED display. I bought a piece that was 2' x 8' in Calif. for about $30. Perhaps if I'd gone to HD it would have been cheaper? I like to support my local hardware store, so no complaints. I have Java fern and moss in this tank but the light getting in seems ample.

  10. been watching your videos lots of great ideas. Some people have asked and didn't get a response. How does this lid effect the led light from getting in for plant growing? I bought it today under the assumption that if a green house would use it that this should work for the tank plants aswell. Your thoughts?

  11. I just found your awesome channel last night, so many things I want to build now. I've made my own aquarium lids out the glass from cheap photo frames, works like a charm.

  12. I have glass tops already, but thinking of using this for those led strip lights.
    I will have 4 strips (16 feet total), and the gutter just won't work for that.
    PS. The RGB LEDs don't have the right temp for plants , but I was able to order a pure white 6500k strip.

    Going all out urajoey soon. Getting PVC to make the 3' filter and reverse under gravel PVC, then this for the lights.

    You rock !!!

  13. I like the idea of covering to keep in humidity etc.
    Covering would definitely affect gas exchange though.. so how much of a gap in the material is needed to provide adequate gas exchange?

  14. Off-topic, but where might I go to find PVC bulkheads?  I've checked all the hardware stores around me, both big and small, and nobody carries them.  I already have a diamond-tipped hole saw, and I'd rather match the bulkhead to the hole saw than go buy a new (expensive) hole saw

  15. This is awesome really!  I was just trying to figure out how I could DIY a multi-tank breeding setup fishroom kind of thing … and the only part I hadn't figured was tank lids.  lol!



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