HOW TO: Build an aquarium canister filter INTERNAL

How to build an internal canister filter for your aquarium.

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  1. Great video I have always wanted to try to make a canister out of pvc. How hard would it be to make it external? One thing I noticed though, Seems like the holes in the bottom arent doing much standing it up like that. What’s your estimate of the biggest tank this would work for??

  2. Hey Joey, I dont know if you have covered this already but how about making one with this type of Cheap PowerHead Pump but instead of internal make it external hanging on the back of the tank?

  3. Would it be beneficial to add poly-fil to the pvc so help clear tank ? PVC would have sponge filter , than bio-logical than add some poly-fil .

  4. Just found this video. I have a 120 tank. You said that this filter is for a 100 gallon or less tank. Would 2 of the canisters a little larger work for my tank?

  5. you know I've always found at the filters that I build on my own turn out to perform better than what you buy in the store for ten times the cost. 500 dollars for eheim canisters vs 40 dollars for 5 gallon homebuilt that actually keeps my water cleaner longer, or 100 dollars for this style vs 20 bucks, you tell me……

  6. love this idea! I've been watching a lot of your diy filter videos trying to decide which one to make. in the ones where you use pvc, you use the white stuff mainly. they make a darker grey colored pvc as well. would this be suitable to go in the tank if I want to disguise the pvc more? thanks!

  7. i can't find these pumps anywhere,anyone know where to find them or what brand or HP or anything? been looking then up but just see like different shaped ones and some are high so I know those aren't the ones

  8. Hey joey can i know what is that beeds u used, can i also use any other similar beeds for the filter like this am about to do, pls guide me what else i can use ?

  9. what kind of pump should i get i already have a diy sump courtesy of you. My tank is 150 Gallons (3 turtles) I have an Active Aqua, AAPW800 800-GPH hooked to my sump i just need a pump for my canister (quite pump please) Thanks

  10. hi there.
    love your videos, so informative . I have a question for you. I am settings up a 100 gallon and was going to diy a canister filter but seen your build on the internal canister and loved it. my question is if I make 2 out 8th 3" pipe with a 420 gph rated power head each with carbon, filter floss and lava rock do you think this will be enough to keep my tank right once I stock it up? thanks brother and keep on keeping on with your videos , they rock

  11. What size PVC do I need for a 10 gallon? My tank came with a hang on the back filter that only has a plastic screen for a bio filter it has cartridges that that has batting with active carbon. I was thinking that I could build one of these to either assist my current filter or to totally replace my filter with sponge, carbon, the ammonia remover stones, and lava rock.

  12. i need some help first time doing this and not really good with DIY lol. I want to build one for my 85 gallon freshwater tank. what can of pump are you using in the video and will Fluval Biomax Bio Rings work for the filter?



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