HOW TO: Build an aquarium canister filter (HOB VERSION) TUTORIAL

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How to build an aquarium canister filter, the hang on the back version. I have also built a horizontal aquarium canister filter as well as incorporating your aquarium heater into both versions. Let me know if you would also like to see those!

Original canister video:

DIY bulkheads:

Canister with inline heater –

Horizontal canister filter ►


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  1. great overview but your leaving out some of the most important detail, how are you bonding them and sealing everything? I've watched 2 of your videos so far and you haven't mentioned what your using to mend it all together, regular old pipe sealant/cement or something non toxic or special? There is a lot of conflicting information as to what can be used. Thanks!

  2. Would it improve circulation if the intake was on the opposite end of the tank from the outlet pipe (and even at the bottom of the tank too)? It seems like by having the inlet and outlet in the same area, the circulation would be limited.

  3. Does the filter need to be below the water level to properly siphon (similar to your older canister filter)? I am looking to create this for a turtle tank which has a water depth of about 1 ft, and I figure I'd need a larger filter than 1 ft to properly filter the entire tank. Thank you!

  4. Is there a reason as to why you are a pumping water into the filter instead of pulling it through? From the research I've been doing, it would make more sense to pump the filtered water out of the filter that way debris don't get caught in the pump.

  5. Trying to buy your book link does not work.
    Or would like to order the stand up filter like this or the parts from you.
    Love the videos!!!!!!!!



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