HOW TO: Build an Aquarium brace TUTORIAL

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You might need to brace your aquarium. This is a simple and easy way on how to make your fish tank stronger.


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  1. Joey brother, Ur expertise is great appreciated and needed pls my friend 🙏. How do we remove the glass bottom graces inside of the tank around the perimeter, especially the bottom middle ones? Like I understand u can get the silicone on the edges out with blades, but how about the large round dots of silicone glued on the point of loads. If that makes sense.. Iv tried searching every where online.. 😭 😭

  2. Would it be possible to silicone a different material as a brace. Such as a wood piece, metal sheet or hard plastic? Im sure aesthetically glass on glass would look best. But just curious.

  3. Mr. Joey, thanks for all these videos. I have been able to make my own aquarium and filter in half of the cost which market offers. Plus I gained knowledge and satisfaction while doing all this..

  4. I have a glass 136.5 gallon missing a brace. The glass is 1/2" thick. Where do I find a 18" x 6" x 1/2" thick piece of tempered glass? Would polycarbonate work instead?

  5. If the glass that I’m using for bracing is thinner than the glass the aquarium is made up of can I instead create more bracing with the thinner glass rather than trying to find thicker glass? That is, if I can only find glass that’s .125 inches (3.175 mm) when I need 6mm, can I make thicker bracing? Or at least is there somewhere I can find 6mm glass?

  6. So the trim is only for looks and doesn't help keep the tank in tact? I have a 55 gallon and I want to go trim less, but scared that it will come undone. Can anyone help with questions? I have an old 55 gallon tank I got and it is fricken Heavy!!! I am 5'10 and 220 lbs and it is heavy for me. Plus the glass is very very thick.

  7. Hi, we have built an aquarium which is open from three sides. When will fill it with water the further side glass looks completely bent inwards. Any thoughts?

  8. Hopefully you see this considering this video is over 4 years old, but would bracing like this work with your method of diy trim? I have a used 55 gallon the didn’t come braced and the trim was broken so I had to get rid of the trim.

  9. I dont see why anyone would want glass bracing! Im building a tank That's 60x24x24. I'll put one glass brace in middle (24×6). If you do all glass bracing it takes up room getting into, and putting and taking things out of tank! I have decided to do the one, and make my own bracing to go around tank.. was looking for ideas on YouTube, but couldn't find anything.. so not sure how I will do it yet. Thinking aluminum, something that want rot, but not only want it to look good…but different.. whole reason I'm building the tank.



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